Monday, December 29, 2008


I thought it was only appropriate that I post today about some memorable events that happened in 2008:


  • Brett and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary.
  • My blood pressure started going up and the dr told me to start slowing down. He put me on weekly visits.
February: (WOW where to begin on this month!)
  • On a weekly visit to the dr's on Valentines Day my blood pressure was so high (even after laying down at the dr office for over an hour) that the dr told me I was done teaching, that I was to go on bed rest and that I needed to check into the hospital the next day to see if we needed to have Jaxson (Jaxson was due March 23).
  • Had a stress test done on Jaxson and he was great. Me on the other hand my body was done being pregnant. Stayed the night at the hospital and was released on the conditions that I would be on bed rest, do urine test, blood test and visit the dr every 2 days. We would evaluate every test and determine if it was time to take Jaxson or if we could give him time till he reached 36 weeks old (a better chance for his lungs to be developed)
  • Hit 36 weeks and went to the hospital on Monday, Feb 25 to be induced
  • Things weren't going so well with the pitocin and my body so we stopped the meds and went and had an amniocentesis (where they put a VERY long needle into your belly, draw out fluid, and test the fluid to see if the baby's lungs are developed).
  • Tuesday (Feb 26) got the call that Jaxson's lungs were healthy and returned back to the hospital to be induced again.
  • Wednesday (Feb 27) at 5pm Brett, Dr. B and I decided that the best thing for Jaxson and for my body was a c-section
  • 5:31pm on Feb. 27 We finally met our precious Jaxson Brett Erickson


  • Jaxson had jaundice and we had to bring in the lights into our home for a couple of days
  • Received a call from the State Department of Health that we need to come out to SLC
  • Found out that our son's body is very special and unique and that he has PKU
  • Found out that Brett and I are carriers of PKU, what PKU is and what we have to do since we now have a PKUer in our home
  • Started our son on Phenex-1 and a low phe diet--basically this month we saved our son's brain!
  • Met two moms that have children with PKU and they gave me so much hope and great advice!


  • Took baby massage classes (a trained professional came into our home to teach me) and gave massages to Jaxson. Supposedly massages have all these benefits one being weight gain and I'd say by looking at Jaxson's checks it worked.=)
  • Found out that Uintah School District was granting me paid time off till May
  • Went to my cousins Kathleen's wedding in Orem, UT with all the family. It was a much needed get away.
  • Chopped off my long hair. I was ready for a change!


  • Went back to work for the last 9 days
  • Finished my teaching responsibilities and packed up my room


  • My best friend, Kathryn from HS came out to Vernal to visit. We email and talk but it was so fun to be around her. I miss you Kathryn move back!=)
  • Went out to Dave and Marcy Taylor's wedding
  • Uintah High School Drill Team did a fundraiser (their Kick-A-Thon) in Jaxson's name.


  • Went to the Erickson/Moore Camping reunion. We didn't camp as long as Brett would have liked but I had a 4 month old, was pumping and I'm not that big of a camper so the fact that we were there for 1 night (in a tent) is pretty amazing.
  • Got my bike and bike trailer
  • Started taking daily morning 4 mile stroller rides with Jaxson
  • Read the first 3 books of the Twilight series


  • Stopped pumping
  • Started hosting my wards RS monthly book clubs
  • Had my "Golden Birthday" turned 26 on the 26. I had a massage, got my hair done and Brett and Jaxson surprised me with renting a cabin at Red Canyon Lodge. It was such a nice peaceful birthday.
  • All the baby weight was off


  • Went to a Low Protein Cooking Workshop and for the first time tasted, touched, smelled and saw low protein foods that I will cook for Jaxson
  • Met Stephaine at the workshop who has quickly became one of best buddies. You're amazing Steph and I just love talking with you and having you be apart of my life!
  • Started our family blog and became addicted to blogging


  • Enjoyed watching Brett play flag football and basketball
  • Made many visits to the care center to spend time with my Grandma Olsen
  • Celebrated our first Halloween with Jaxson the ever so cute bat


  • My wonderful and amazing grandma passed away
  • Was able to see all my Olsen family
  • Went to the PKU breakfast
  • Was called as the Sunbeams teacher


  • Stopped feeling daily pain and sorrow in my heart that Jaxson has PKU. I still have moments that I feel very sad about it but I don't feel on a daily bases this over-whelming sadness in my heart
  • Went to some great Christmas parties
  • Did gingerbread houses
  • Started experimenting and ordering low phe foods for Jaxson
  • Played Santa for the first time
  • Enjoyed having a child in our home to celebrate Christmas!

What a memorable life changing year 2008 has been!


10 Things I'm Loving About You In December:

#10 I loved how you thought the Christmas tree was this new fantastic toy we put in the living room just for you to explore.

#9 I love that every time we put you in the walker you seem to find the dish towels and wash rag and have such a great time pulling them down.

#8 I love that you army crawled this month.

#7 I loved that you were so fascinated with one of dad's gifts, the red box with the green bow you untied that gift 2-3 times every day this month.

#6 I love that I got to feed you new foods this month (cupcakes, hash browns, ketchup, pancakes, jello salads, ice cream Sundas, rolls, chocolate, breadsticks, candy canes, grahm crackers, Grandma Erickson's green slush, and Rice Milk). You love food.

#5 I love how excited you get when you know your bath is coming.

#4 I love that you learned how to sit yourself up when you are crawling or when you are on your belly. That's so helpful.

#3 I love that you went back to being that really great sleeper and formula drinker this month!

#2 I love that you have started to crawl on your hands and knees

#1 I loved having you in our home to share Christmas and all of our family traditions

Jaxson "helping" me take down the Christmas tree decorations.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas

Christmas was a great family filled day. We started the day with opening presents at our home. Jaxson enjoyed the first 3 gifts from Santa and then was done and just wanted to play with the firetruck he had opened. Brett surprised me with a flat screen TV for our room along with a DVD player so I can watch movies in bed (nothing better). He also gave me UGG boots (light brown) and clothes. I surprised Brett with Jordan basketball shoes that he really wanted but had absolutely no idea he was getting, a 1 hr massage and clothes. My parents then came to our house with their great gifts. Afterwords we went to their home for Christmas breakfast with my brothers (David and Eric) and their families. I feed Jaxson his first pancake and Rice Dream (loved it). We then went down to Brett's house where we all got even more spoiled with more fantastic gifts. We ended the evening at my parents for Christmas dinner. Here are some pictures of our day.

Santa came!

Jaxson with all of his great new things from Santa and Mom and Dad!

Christmas Family Photo at my mom and dad's.

Testing out his new beenie from Aunt Nicki (Brett's sister) and Uncle Joey down at the Erickson's.

Cousins RyLee and Kylen checking out what Jaxson got.

Opening the last gift. You finally made it to the last gift son! Christmas with a child is so much fun!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent with Brett's family. We had dinner at his sisters house (Heidi's). We ate really yummy food, let the kids open their Christmas Eve pj's, and visited. Here are a few pictures of Christmas Eve.
Jaxson playing with Grandpa Darwin

I made reindeer cupcakes

Jaxson after eating his yummy Christmas Eve dinner and cupcake.

Opening Christmas Eve pj's

We left Santa a low phe Gingerbread cookie, Rice Milk and a few carrots for his reindeer.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

From our computer to yours we wish you a very
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause came to town! While in town they stopped at David's house, my oldest brother, where we just all happened to be. This was the first time Jaxson has seen Santa. Jaxson just watched Santa and took him all in. When it was his turn to sit on Santa's lap he explored Santa's white bread. He thought that was different and something he needed to touch and feel. Jaxson asked for big boy toys. We're ready to upgrade from our rattles and simple baby toys. Jaxson checking out his bag from Santa!

The whole gang with Santa and Mrs. Clause.

Jaxson enjoyed Aunt Danielle's piano. He didn't like it when I took him away from it when it was time to go home.

Jaxson hanging out with Grandpa.

Here are some pictures of Jaxson in his Christmas church outfit.

I love this picture because I was able to capture for the first time his two front teeth!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Here is a little update on the pant situations if any of you are curious. After going to three different stores I now have pants I can wear on Christmas. It was finally the Bull Ring that had the winning tool. The crazy thing is that even though they didn't go off at the Buckle every store I took them in I was beeped. Go figure.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A New Accessory???

After almost 6 years of marriage Brett knows that no Christmas or Birthday is complete without a new outfit to wear that day. So when we were out in SLC he was determined that we didn’t come back to Vernal without pants for me since I’ve had no luck finding any. Not to mention girls pants are so funny and I have to try them on to know they are going to work.
So after going to different stores and trying on pants after pants I found a pair at the Buckle. Jaxson was in the stroller and ready to move after being in a dressing room for a while so I rolled him out of the store for Brett to make his “surprised” purchase.
Yesterday I got the pants out because I wanted to try them on again. You see we had just eaten lunch at the Olive Garden and I really hate trying on clothes after eating at a place like that. I had grabbed the next pant size down and wanted to make sure they were going to work. Well they fit great but I noticed a “button” on the bottom of the right pant leg. I lifted the pant leg up only to find that they didn’t take off the security strip they put on clothes to stop shoplifting. So crazy that one they forgot to take it off and 2 that Brett got out of the store without it beeping. So now I have to go see if a store in Vernal can take it off before Christmas. If not maybe I can start a new trend. What do you think can a security strip be a new accessory?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

This Saturday we met at my mom's to make our annual gingerbread houses. It's a tradition we started a while back. It's a lot of work for my mom but it's always a lot of fun. Jaxson and I working on our gingerbread houses. I made them so they matched. Jaxson was into "trying" to taste the gumdrops. They are an okay candy for him to have but it made me nervous having that small of a candy in his mouth.
Jaxson taking a candy cane break. Making gingerbread houses is hard work! This was the first time he has had a candy cane and he LOVED it!
Cousin Graice loven' on Jaxson
Playing with cousin Kole before we leave

Later that night Jaxson got to go down to Grandma and Grandpa's again to hang out with his fun cousins while Brett and I went to the Galleries Christmas Party. It was such a fun time. We had super yummy food and played some fun games with fantastic prizes. I went home with a Christmas bowl set I have been eyeing, Christmas hat boxes, a diffuser, and Bath and Body Works soaps. Jaxson had a fun PJ party while we were away.

Sunday we packed our bags and headed to SLC. Jaxson had an appointment on Monday with his doctors. He is doing fantastic. We finished up our Christmas shopping and luckily made it home safely.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go Thundercats!

Last night we went to Brett's basketball game. One of the guys he plays with sponsored the team so he made jerseys with his business logo and number for the team to wear. Well get this he made a matching onesie for Jaxson. For the longest time he just sat right there beside me and watching the game. I would cheer when we would get a basket and every time Jaxson would them scream out it was so adorable I wished I could have been recording it. I'll have to get some more pictures of Jaxson and Brett in their matching basketball shirts they are pretty cute together.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 Things I'm Loving About You In November

I love that your favorite "toy" for the month has been your basket of shoes.

I love that you've learned how to scoot backwards

I love that during bath time you hold your fish in your hand, put your feet in the air, cross them and then rest them against the bathtub wall. You do this over and over again it's so funny to watch.

I love that when I change your diaper you try to kick off your pants every time. It's almost like you think we're playing a game. You try to get your pants off before I'm ready to pull them back up, you usually win.

I love that I can get you to laugh just by looking at you and laughing.

I love that you retaught me the true meaning of Thanksgiving

I love that you said "dada" and "mama" this month. Both around the same time you sure know how to play it safe.

I love that you pat everything and anything.

I love that you've learned how to move your walker.

I love that your showing your first signs of crawling. I know it's only a matter of time till you get those knee's figured out.

Getting our Christmas tree

Brianna (Jaxson's cousin), Jaxson, and Grandma

Thursday, November 27, 2008


What I'm THANKFUL for this year:
I'm thankful that I could become a mother
I'm thankful that God trusted us with Jaxson.
I'm thankful for Jaxson's smile, laughter, voice, pats, snuggles and sloppy kisses
I'm thankful that I was able to carry Jaxson to 36 weeks,that his lung were healthy & for csections.
I'm thankful that we were able to bring him home when I left the hospital
I'm thankful for Brett and his love and strength.
I'm thankful I'm getting to stay home and do the stay at home mom thing.
I'm thankful for family and their great support.
I'm thankful for great friends new ones I've met this year and ones I've had for a while.
I'm thankful for my beliefs, Christ, the atonement, the Holy Ghost and the power of prayer
I'm thankful for the newborn screening test
I'm thankful for modern medicine
I'm thankful that PKU has to come from both parents
I'm thankful that I survived February and March
I'm thankful for the PKUers that came before Jaxson and paved the way
I'm thankful that I could drop my pregnancy weight and then some
I'm thankful for blogs
I'm thankful that I've found a hair do I really love
I'm thankful for nap time
I'm thankful that Brett's such a big help with Jaxson
I'm thankful that I'm organized
I'm thankful for uplifting scriptures, talks, quotes, "words of wisdom", etc.

I'm so thankful for all of the things I mentioned but probably the thing I feel most gratitude towards this year is the miracle that Jaxson 's low protein diet grants us.Without it Jaxson couldn't ever be his true self and we would not have the great privilege of knowing him the same way. Not a day goes by that I don't look at him and remember this miracle and my heart fills with thankfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Side

A few months ago I was visiting with Brett's Aunt Robin. We were talking about being a parent. She said something that stuck with me she said, your children will bring out sides of you you never knew existed. Good sides and unfortunately bad sides.

Yesterday I saw a side I never knew I had or thought I would have. Jaxson has been getting over a cold and a terrible cough. We were in our living room sitting on our rug playing with toys when he started coughing. I could see the possibility with this cough that he might spit up a little bit so I put my hand under his mouth. Well he didn't spit up he pucked. The poor little guy pucked three times. My hand only caught the vomit long enough for it to spill over and get on myself, Jaxson, the toys that were around him, his clothes and our living room rug.

I gave him a bath (which he thought was great a bath in the middle of the day), changed his clothes and cleaned up the toys and rug. When that was all done I all of a sudden realized that I had handled pucking like a pro. I was so proud. You see as a teacher I found myself in a few pucking experiences and seriously would run the other way as the child was pucking. I then would take my class either outside of the room till it was cleaned up or we would go to the farthest place away from the vomit. I know no one loves vomit but I just can't deal with it.

It's amazing what you can do and put up with when it comes to your own child.

I also have to post that last night my nice sweet husband took me to Twilight....LOVED IT! It was well worth the wait.

Friday, November 21, 2008


8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. John and Kate Plus 8
2. One Tree Hill
3. The Biggest Loser

4. Ugly Betty
5. Oprah
6. Good Things Utah
7. Ghost Whisper
8. Reality TV (I’m a BIG reality TV gunky) Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, The Hills, etc… If I watch one episode I have to watch the rest to see how it ends

8 Restaurants I love:
1. Rumbi’s (it’s my new favorite place)
2. Olive Garden
3. Wendy’s

4. Chili’s
5. Firehouse Pizza--I know crazy for me since I don’t like pizza but they have the yummiest/different pastas I’ve ever seen at a restaurant and their house specialty dessert pazookies (a little under baked cookie with ice cream and toppings) are to die for—Firehouse Pizza is in Logan)
6. Cold Stone (I know it’s not a restaurant but I wouldn’t mind one bit eating there for lunch or dinner I LOVE Cold Stone)
7. Hamiltons (in Logan)
8. Royal Express (in Logan)

I could just go to Logan to eat. I also love Iron Gate Grill (they have the best pull apart bread and coconut salmon) No wonder I gained a few unwanted pounds while getting my degree. Maybe it’s a good thing we live in Vernal and there really isn’t any place that makes my mouth water.

8 Things I Have Done Today:
1. Our morning routine –feed Jaxson a bottle, get breakfast for myself, get Jaxson dressed, get my bed and his crib made, workout, get dress, and tidy up the house (if I get all of this done before 11 and Jaxson first nap I’m feeling pretty proud)
2. Make formula, calculate what baby food and how much Jaxson will eat to get his 60 mg of phe for the day, and since it’s Friday I have to write down everything that goes into his mouth, how much and at what time. We have to document his food intake for three day prior to taking his blood which we do every Sunday.
3. Dropped off my bridal cape to my visiting teacher her sister in getting married in Jan and she wanted to check it out.

4. Went to Wal-Mart with my mom. She convinced me to let Jaxson sit in the cart, a first for him, and he loved it.
5. Went to Maurices to try on pants. I tried on 12 pairs and didn’t find one that I wanted to buy. =( I did try on a pair that I had to go clear down to a size 0 to fit I almost got those just because of the tag. Let me do a little bit of clarifying because I’m no size 0 these pants were just running really big and were stretchy but boy was trying on those pants a self esteem booster.=)
6. Cooked dinner and cleaned up---nothing too exciting just Sloppy Joes, salad, and oranges.
7. Made a grocery list and dinner menus for the week. I was in hopes of going grocery shopping tonight but time got away from us so we’ll put it off till tomorrow. We’ve been putting it off for three days hopefully tomorrow we get to it because I’m almost all out of milk.
8. Looked at sites for ideas for Jaxson 1st birthday (Yeah I know his birthday is the end of February and it’s November but what can I say I’m a big time planner.)

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. I’m looking forward to getting a home
2. I’m looking forward to having our nations health care change and really be there and benefit those that need it for a cost that’s reasonable.
3. I’m looking forward to having the knowledge and capability to cook meal after meal for my son.

4. I’m looking forward to the FDA approves a hand held device for checking blood phe levels- similar to what diabetics use to check blood sugar
5. I’m looking forward to hearing Jaxson talk and to having a conversation with him.
6. I’m looking forward to Christmas and all the great feelings and fun times that come with it.
7. I’m looking forward to my items that I’ve ordered arriving in my mailbox.
8. I’m looking forward to seeing Twilight.

Thanks for the tag Stephanie….now I tag…..Elizabeth,Raquel and Megan

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Little Man Dressed Up

I wanted to share these pictures because I think they are so adorable and completely blog worthy. Monday was my Grandma Olsen's funeral. It was wonderful ,well as wonderful as a funeral can be. All of my Grandma's son's, grandkids, and great grandkids were able to attend. That was a total of 52 people talk about...all because two people fell in love. It was a blast seeing everyone. We searched SLC over the weekend for the perfect outfit for Jaxson to wear and I had to share some pictures of him. Brett and I both love dressing our little man!
Brett getting Jaxson ready. Talk about a daddy/son moment. I'm so glad I was able to captured this moment!
The boy knows how to pull off a suit

Monday, November 17, 2008

PKU Breakfast

So it's been a very BUSY time for our little family. On Friday we packed our bags and headed out to SLC to spend time with our PKU community. Once a year the metabolic clinic puts together a breakfast for all the PKU kids and their families. We were soooo excited to go. It was held at Discovery Gateway and boy was that a fun place. Discovery Gateway for those of you who don't know is a hands on play place for children at the Gateway mall. Jaxson loved the ball area (of coarse) and the water area was a big hit as well. Before we played we had breakfast and talked with companies that sale low protein items. We sampled lots of low protein breakfast foods our favorite was the Maddy Blueberry muffin. We talked and met new families and families we already knew. I loved being surrounded by PKUers and mom's who are "walking in my shoes" . It was a great time and we can't wait for next year's breakfast.This is Jaxson's doctors: Dr. Longo (in the yellow) and Dr. Botto. We typically see Dr. Longo every time we go out to clinic. We LOVE Dr. Longo he's a really wonderful doctor. He always makes us feel like we are doing such a great job with Jaxson and he is so sweet with Jaxson.

This is the lady with the knowledge, Sharon. Sharon is our dietitian. I talk with her weekly. When I think of Sharon I think of the saying: To the world you just might be one person but to one person you might just be the world. She is FABULOUS! We appreciate all the work and effort she devotes to our son.This is Sara with her son Jackson. Jackson was the first PKU baby (other then our own Jaxson) that we met in person. He is 5 months older then Jaxson. Sara is fun to visit with since she is just a little ways ahead of us. I hope Jackson and Jaxson will be great buddies someday.

Playing in the water area

Playing with the balls. Jaxson would have loved to have stayed here and played all day.
Leaving the PKU breakfast. Look at that face can you tell he had a blast or what. Our clinic is so great. I am always so impressed with the service and care the clinic provides for us. Go Primary Children's Metabolic Clinic....YOU ROCK!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Grandma

Heaven received a beautiful spirit last night, my Grandma. I was truly blessed to have my grandma in my life for 26 years. She was a GRAND mother. Growing up with her two house from ours I am lucky to have many memories of her. I will miss her more then words can express. I am thankful that I was able to see her last night and express my love and appreciation for all that she has and will continue to mean to me

My grandma had a real soft spot for Jaxson. She adored him and even at times thought he was hers. She thought his lips were so tiny and cute (she loved little things). I will forever look at his lips and think of my grandma. I know that she will be on the other side helping me raise him.

How grateful I am today for eternal families and the plan of salvation!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Halloween

Happy Halloween! We had a great Halloween. Here is how our day went....Jaxson woke up and I gave him our Halloween gift---- a toothbrush (it's green with a train on it) and cotton candy. I figured since he now has a tooth and he giggles and gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees me brush my teeth that a toothbrush was the perfect gift. He loved it he played with his toothbrush, the cotton candy tub and the sack for a while.
We then had our breakfast together. Jaxson sat in his new highchair that his dad put together the night before. My mom gave me a highchair for my shower gift but I had her keep it at her house since we live in an apartment and space is limited and we finally got around to getting it. It was so nice to have a highchair to feed him and to have him play in while I did odds and ends in the kitchen.

We went out to lunch, did some shopping and got ready for Halloween. We visited my two grandma's with cousin Brianna. When we got home Brett was finished with work and had dressed up. He was Kramer from Seinfeld. We went to Brett's grandma's where his family and his extended family was as well.We then went to a few more places and ended at my parents house with my family. It was only missing 5 things (Greg, Jen, Lexie, Gracie, and Kole----we missed you guys). While at my parents I thought I had left my camera at Brett's grandma's house so I don' t have any pictures at that destination which makes me sad because Braden, Dylan, Halle and Carston were fantastic in their costumes. I did find my camera later on it was in Jaxson's candy bag.

Jaxson fell asleep on the way home he was soooo tired. He got woken up from his nap this afternoon and I found out that on Halloween that is not good. Next year we'll have to try harder to get that nap in. He was falling asleep from house to house as we drove but all in all I think he had a fantastic Halloween.

This Halloween broke me in a little bit with knowledge about candy. I only bought and gave out candy that Jaxson can have someday. Might sound strange but it made me feel so at peace and insanely happy. In fact all the candy I gave is considered "free" for him meaning he can have as much as he wants which is a HUGE deal because there aren't very many "free" things. So for those of you who are curious here is the "free" candy we gave out: cotton candy, Sweetish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Dots, Dum Dum Suckers, Air Heads, and Gatorade . Not a bad selection if you ask me.

Here's Jaxson's Halloween "loot". He got such great things. I can't publish this post without talking about our great family. Everyone had planned ahead for Jaxson and had tried their very hardest to have things he could have..thank you..thank you..thank you! I couldn't help but to think back to the past as I went through his stuff. I remember shortly after Jaxson was diagnosed thinking about Halloween and just crying and crying. I know a little nuts since he was only a week old but as a mom you have dreams for your kids and you assume since you have a kid that you are going to get to do certain things with them, like Halloween and at that time I didn't know how on earth we were going to do Halloween with Jaxson. Well with great family like we have we did give Jaxson Halloween this year and a very FANTASTIC one at that. I know this year will probably be our very easiest one for a long time since from here on out he'll notice other candy that's being offered that he can't have but at least I found hope with this 1st Halloween.


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