Monday, April 27, 2009


Friday we left for Denver, CO. Jaxson did awesome with the long 6 hour drive thanks to a lifesaver back seat rider aka Grandma! My mom was so sweet and volunteered to come with us so that we could take Jaxson to Denver. I'm not quit ready to leave this cutie. I'm so thankful we could take Jaxson it turned out to be a great family trip!
Jaxson and Grandma--the backseat riders When we first got to Denver we unloaded our car at the hotel. Jaxson enjoyed riding this cart.
We went to the zoo. It was Brett and Jaxson's first time to ever go to a zoo. It was a really nice zoo we had a great time and it was wonderful to walk around for a few hours after the drive.
We knew Jaxson had seen the animal(s) when he pointed.

Jaxson loved the Rhino. It was neat the Rhino was over by the building and when we came near he walked out towards us and got pretty close. Jaxson loved it of coarse I didn't have the camera ready and before we knew it the Rhino walked away. We all thought this was Jaxson's favorite animal at the zoo.

My favorite animal at the zoo

Feeding Jaxson a banana (a favorite breakfast food of his right now) before Brett and I left for Saturday's conference. We of coarse had to bring the 4 wheeler.

The National PKU conference was AMAZING! I feel so blessed that it was held in Denver and we were able to attend. Words can't express what it felt like to be surround with others for 3 days that "walk in the same shoes" I do everyday. I learned more about PKU, the formula that Jaxson drinks and will continue to drink for the rest of his life, met more amazing people that deal with PKU on a daily bases, attended fabulous workshops, got around 15 amazing new recipes and had FUN! The above picture is taken at lunch. The lady by me is Ginger she has 2 kids (a girl and a boy) her son has PKU he's 20 months so it was fun to talk with her since our boys are close in age. The next two people are Keith and Sylvia. I never want to forget Keith. When I have those moments where I feel like the PKU diet is too much I'll think of Keith. Keith is 55 and was undiagnosed with PKU till about 4 years ago. He is non verbal and is mentally retarded. He lives in a home right now and Sylvia is one of the workers that help take care of Keith. Brett and I are so blessed that we were able to find out 9 days after Jaxson was born that he had PKU and what we needed to do to help Jaxson grow to be a healthy person. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about this at least once but meeting Keith makes it seem more real of what could have been and how grateful I need to be. I can't wait for the next conference (in 18 months)!
Jaxson loved our closet. He would go inside and was able to slide it shut and we would play over and over again the game "Where's Jaxson"

My mom said they spend the majority of Saturday playing on the stairs in the lobby. Jaxson learned how to go up and down while holding onto the railing. My mom said he was a big hit all day long with everyone in the hotel. My mom and me at Sunday's conference. Brett picked what he wanted to attend and what he wasn't so interested in (3 of the cooking workshops) my mom attended. My mom is such a support with the diet so it was wonderful to attend some the conference with her.The chefs and their helper that taught our food workshops. It was so fabulous to be taught by such experts that know so much about food. They gave us so many wonderful recipes and great tips!This is one amazing special lady! Her name is Malathy Ramanujam. She single handily runs a PKU company, Taste Connections which makes helpful and delicious products. She does workshops all over the world that helps us PKU moms. Her products are fabulous and she is so nice and helpful. The conference was over and we were both waiting for our ride. Malathy taught a BBQ class that was awesome I hope I can attend many more classes of hers.On the way home we stopped at Glenwood Springs, CO for a break and lunch. Jaxson thought he needed to drive the rest of the way. He did great coming back just the last hour he was done. I don't blame him I think we were all way past ready to be home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jaxson decided today that it was much more fun to be in the toy drawer. Last week our little guy was extremely sick. He had a second ear infection and the flu. It was so tuff to watch our little Jax be soooo sick. On Wednesday I came down with the flu and realized that having your baby and you be sick at the same time is so miserable thankfully Brett was able to take care of us. We're happy to say that we are all better and the toys and everything else in our home has been Cloroxed. Is it crazy to admit that sanitizing things makes me feel good inside. So other then being sick not too much has been going on. Brett had a softball practice last night I can't believe it's that time of year already. On Sunday we got out the bikes and the bike carriage and rode to a park and played it was so nice, I just loved it. This Friday we leave to go to a 3 day National PKU conference in Denver, CO I'm so anxious and excited. We plan to do some fun things with Jaxson while over there like go to the zoo so of coarse I'll be blogging about it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our Easter

Happy Easter! We've been partying since Thursday. It's been one fun weekend.

Thursday afternoon we hung out down at Grandpa and Grandma Olsen's house with all the cousins.

THURSDAYWhen we got to my parents my dad was mowing the lawn. Kole and Jaxson gave each other big hugs then stood and watched what Grandpa was doing. As soon as Grandpa was done he just had to give his little fans a ride. These two boys love Grandpa and the "toys" Grandpa has at his house. Lucky for them Grandpa is always willing to give rides.
Jaxson hanging out with the big boys. He really felt like one of them.

My assignment for our Friday Easter picnic was the annual chocolate cupcakes with jelly beans. Brett and Jaxson helped clean the beaters after I was done mixing the cupcakes.

Friday Grandma and Grandpa had their annual egg hunt and picnic. They hide 12 plastic eggs with chocolate for each child in their yard and after you've found your 12 eggs with your initial Grandma then trades them for really fun prizes. On Friday we also had a yummy picnic, hiked our usual Easter hill (I got to carry my sleeping 20 pounder--what a workout), had Slurpee's thanks to Uncle Greg, watched the older cousins put on a play of Cinderella, rode the Honda over and over thanks to a nice grandpa, played outside till the sun went down, ate dinner together, watched the older kids put on another play-the Nutcracker, watched Gracie pull out her FIRST tooth (so exciting) and if the day wasn't amazing enough we ended it with JAXSON WALKING! That's right our little boy is WALKING and he did it when he could show off in front of his cousins!=) Friday was one of those days that you just wish could last forever.

Let the egg hunt begin!

Lexie helping Jaxson find his eggs

Brianna, Gracie and Jaxson

Jaxson with his eggs!
Jaxson and Dylan

Playing with their bubble wands
One of many Honda rides. We usually had the wagon attached so that everyone had a place they were just getting ready to go get the wagon.
Jaxson with Gracie's cute toothless smile! It was so fun to be there when she lost her first tooth.


Saturday I had to work at the Galleries but we did manage to go to Brett's cousin's house for an Easter party during my lunch hour. When I was done with work and after dinner we dyed Easter eggs for the Easter bunny to hide in the morning.

Ready to dye eggs

All done and Jaxson only dropped and cracked one.=)


Jaxson finding his Easter basket.
Finding eggs that the Easter bunny hid.

Jaxson enjoyed being able to finally hold the eggs and after holding it for a few seconds he would throw them--such a boy.
We gave Jaxson this "Honda" for Easter. He went nuts and hasn't stopped playing with it.

Easter outfit. Sadly we ran out of time to get pictures before church so we had to settle for this after church because all of you who take your children to a 3 hour church know that by the end of church you and your child have had it and you just have to compromise when it comes to things like this. =)


Jaxson and Kaysia.

RyLee and Jaxson

Kylen, Kaysia, Jaxson and RyLee

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

being a boy

Tuesday night Brett was doing some yard work when Jaxson and I got home from a walk. So Jaxson and I stayed outside to watch what daddy was up to. Jaxson loves outside. The moment he wakes up he starts waving goodbye in hopes that we are going to be going outside. So after a while of watching daddy I needed to get dinner going so I left Jaxson with Brett on the lawn. Soon I heard Brett say, "babe you might want to get a picture of this". So of coarse I came out with my camera to find Jaxson playing in the mud like a typical boy. He had crawled over to the hose and was splashing water and dead grass all over himself. He was having a blast.
It reminded me of when I was pregnant with Jaxson and I was on recess duty. It was winter and we had snow and I was watching the kids. I remember seeing the girls acting like princesses on the snow with their girly coats and I looked over and saw three boys (2 brothers and a cousin) jumping off the sidewalk into the snow and landing right on top of each other and laughing like crazy. And I thought "I'm getting one of those". It wasn't a disappointed or scared thought it was just the first time it really hit me that I was getting a boy and all the action and behavior that comes with a boy. Last night just reminded me of this moment. I'm sure this is the first of many days I'll have to scrub down Jaxson after playing and get him in a completely new pair of clothes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Trickster

In the last few days Jax has learned some new tricks

How to get into the walker all by himself

How to straddle the bathtub. Any time Brett or I are in the bathroom Jaxson just knows he needs to be in there so he can have some one on one time and now he is doing this fancy trick.

Last week Jaxson had double ear infections, no fun at all for him or mom and dad. So it's been great to see him coming back to his happy self. This weekend he also picked up nodding his head yes. Brett and I have had lots of fun asking him questions for him to respond "yes" to. When asked if mom or dad is his favorite he just giggles. Jax has always been a joy to have in our home but he just getting more fun everyday.


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