Saturday, January 23, 2010

Our January

Wow I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. I guess you can figure out blogging frequently was not my new years resolution.=) January has almost come and gone so I better get a few new things on our blog that has happened in January.

We spent New Years Eve at my brother David's house. David and Danielle always have such a great party for us to celebrate the new year. There is always so much yummy food to eat for hours, tons of games to play and at midnight we toast in the New Year and my brother and nephews shoot off their guns--a long family Olsen tradition night. Our little nighthawk Jaxson stayed up till 12 with no problemDanielle's brother Troy brought Singstar, a game for the Playstation 3. It's alot like karaoke but you compete against another player and if you ask me a lot more fun. Troy had tons of songs people were sing all night long. Brett was captivated for like 4 hours with this game. He loved it which was something I wouldn't have guessed, um can we say birthday gift idea.=)

One of the bigger things that happened in our home in Jan was Jaxson got a big boy bed. I must say taking down the crib was a little hard on me. I not usually emotional about Jaxson changing and moving on but taking down the crib brought out a little bit of emotion for me. The crib was the first thing baby wise I feel in love with and I must say I absolutely loved our crib it was beautiful. When Brettt was taking down the crib he looked at me at one point and said now don't start crying. I think he was enjoying me being the emotinal one. =) It was time for Jaxson to get into a bigger bed and Brett gave the okay for us to get the bed and bedding I really wanted from Pottery Barn for Jaxson so that helped in making the change. Not to mention Jaxson was so incredible excited over his new quilt that has his big love---balls! He was such a happy little boy about his new bed, bedding and baseball lamp it made the moment fun and exciting. I must say it was crazy the first night and week seeing Jaxson in a regular bed. Wow time goes.
In January David and Danielle go to St. George for a fire conference. The kids stay at my mom's. Since I'm a stay at home mommy I got to help out when needed. We love having Braden, Dylan, Carston and Halle in our home. They are always so playful and sweet with Jaxson. It's also a great break for me too.=) Jaxson just loves to be like his big cousins and do whatever they are doing.
Since the weather warmed up on Friday and Saturday this last weekend we took advantage and took Jaxson sledding for the 1st time. We invited his cousins along for the fun. Jaxson absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough. I know if he was able to he would be asking me to take him everyday now. He laughed the whole time while sledding it was so darn cute Jaxson really does have one of the best laughs. He even loved going off bumps and hills like his big cousins. The moment the ride was over without missing a beat he would say,"again." Made me for a moment thankful we do live in Vernal with all this snow.=)


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