Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Things I'm Loving About You in Jan:

# 10: I love how attached you are to me

#9: I love that I can ask you for a kiss and most times you give me one

#8: I love when I'm getting your bath water ready you scream and try your hardest to crawl up the bathtub into your water

#7 I love that when you play with your trucks or cars you make a car sound

#6 I love that you think I'm your jungle gym when I'm trying to do crunches

#5 I love that Robin Hood makes you fall asleep. It's the only thing you'll watch (I think it's the music at the first you love music) and we put it on after your bath time and after I've read you 2 books and you usually fall asleep within the first 12 minutes. I was never was a big fan of Robin Hood but now I absolutely LOVE it!-)

#4 I love feeding you graham crackers they are your favorite snack right now and you eat them all by yourself

#3 I love coming to get you out of your crib and your standing up against the railing. When we got your crib I remember thinking that one day you would be able to do that and now you can. I just love the look in your eyes when you see me coming to rescue you out of your crib.

#2 I love walking around with you while I hold your hands. You walk on your tippy toes.

#1 I love that you learned how to clap and give 5's this month

Friday, January 16, 2009

Here are a few pictures from last week:
This week I had the Sunbeams lesson. My assistant and I switch one does the lesson and treat and the other does sharing time. My lesson was on Heavenly Father's plan. I found this way cute file folder that explained Heavenly Father's plan. My mom asked me if I was going to do it for everyone in my class (that' s a total of 10 kids) and I said that I would love to but that it was just too much work. She then suggested that she along with my great nephews and niece would help. I took them up on it and we went to work. We colored 30 pages, cut 100 pieces out, glued 20 pages, laminated everything re-cut out the 100 pieces, and put Velcro on the 100 pieces. It was TONS of work but they turned out so cute and the kids enjoyed them on Sunday!

Friday I had a hair appointment so Jaxson got to spend some time at Grandma's and the best part was that his cousins were there. When we got inside of my mom's Jaxson got so excited he just started shaking, too cute. It was so warm my mom had me leave our stroller. I'm loving our winter weather. I was just thinking that if it keep going like this we will for sure be back to our daily stroller rides in March. That's exciting!!!!

We had a play date with Brianna. She came over while her mom went to a doctor appointment. I love watching Brianna and Jaxson play. Brianna got on this toy and just insisted that Jaxson get on it too for a ride.

One of Jaxson new loves--the dryer. Anytime I open it up he comes crawling at an intense speed to "help" me out. He loves pulling out whatever his hand can get a hold of.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clipart help???

I'm in need of some clipart and am wondering if anyone out there can help me out. I need a clipart picture of a girl and a boy. I need it for my Sunbeam lesson this coming Sunday. If anyone has something that they think might work will you email it to me: Thanks!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's New

Jaxson's hair on top has been getting very long so last night Brett gave him a hair cut. Brett became a barber while on his mission. Brett has trimmed Jaxson's hair in back but this was his first "haircut". He just sat in the sink and played with the toothbrushes while his dad did the trimming . It looks so cute. I love boys with short hair.Saturday, Jan 3 was our 6th anniversary. Brett started a tradition on our anniversary that I absolutely love. He gives me a rose for every year we've been married. I think it's such a cute idea and I must say every year it just gets better.=) I don't know how I got so lucky to get such a romantic guy. He took me to the movie, Bed Time Stories (LOVED IT) and then surprised me by taking me to McLucky's to pick out a pair of sun glasses. I was surprised because a few days ago we picked out a surround system for our bedroom and we agreed that was my anniversary gift this year. We also went to dinner and like every year watched our wedding video. I love our wedding video I think it prefectly illustrates what a great love story Brett and I have and I also love to watch our wedding day and remember things about it.

Sunday I had 9 Sunbeams, that's a lot of 3 yr olds. Things went really well though and I'm so glad that last week they called my assistant, McKenna Wheeler to help me .

My best friend Kathryn (Stevens) Kruetz has been her visiting. It's been fun seeing our boys play together. Issac is such a cutie and I love seeing and visiting with Kathryn. We'll be so sad to see them go back to Walla Walla, Washington in a few days.

Life has changed in the Erickson home. Jaxson now crawls anywhere and everywhere and he absolutely LOVES and I mean LOVES to pull up on anything so he's standing. He loves his feet. I took this picture because I thought he looked so cute sitting on his knees playing with his farm and just moments later he was trying to pull himself up. We have hit a new fun and busy stage!


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