Friday, May 20, 2011

I Did It

I officially ran a 5k race! I never thought I would add that to my "bucket list" and then cross it off. I remember saying in May 2010 to Brett's Aunt Delsi that I had no plans to ever run a race fast forward to almost an exact year later and there I was running my first 5k race. Never say never right! I actually enjoyed the race. It was a lot in the making but when it came time to run it I was so prepared and conditioned it was perfect. When I committed to the goal of running this 5k I also made the personal goal of doing it 30 minutes or less so that I was running 10 minutes miles. I met my goal at 29:44. Daisy, me and Erin--my running gals!
Thanks to Daisy I did this she is the one that introduced this idea to me in January, thanks Daisy. We also ran every Saturday since the last week of March so thanks to her I was prepared for a 5k outside which is a LOT different then running on a treadmill with great shocks. It was a lot of fun running with my gals!
My Biggest Cheerleader! Brett and Jaxson were between mile 2 and 2.5 and Jaxson was cheering me on as I passed it was the best and gave me lots of energy to finish. He was so cute with other runners as they finished telling them, "good job". Love my Jaxson!

I had great support for my race. Brett, Jaxson and my parents came. It was awesome to have my loved ones there to see me race and finish.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Easter 2011

We had such a nice Easter this year. We had 3 days of fun with family! Friday Brett's Aunt Sandra invited us to her house to dye Easter Eggs and have lunch. Jaxson loved coloring eggs and did them all on his own this year. He had lunch with Payton and listening to those 2 boys talk to each other was so entertaining. They had a great conversation about foods they like and don't like. It was such a great day for the kids to play outside and Jaxson and Kylen went to work on Aunt Sandra's rocks. . Saturday: We went to Split Mountain with my family for our Easter Picnic and Grandma and Grandpa Egg Hunt. We ate a yummy lunch, went 4 wheeling and did our egg hunt. It was tons of fun minus the one time I thought the 4 wheeler was going to tip over. Jaxson, Brianna and Abbie ready to go find their 12 eggs. My mom and dad had the coolest prizes for Jaxson to trade in his eggs for. He played with all the fun stuff and ate all the goodies for the rest of the day.

Sunday: The Easter Bunny hopped this way and found us! He hid the 12 eggs Jaxson had colored on Friday in our living room, hid Jaxson's Easter basket and prizes in Jaxson's bathtub and even left me some perfume. Jaxson was so much fun this year. He was so excited to see if the bunny had come in the morning and he found all the eggs, his basket and prizes all by himself. He talked all day about how sneaky the bunny was to come to his home. It was super cute to see how magical the Easter Bunny was to him this year. I loved it.

Jaxson made us laugh because when he would find an egg and go put it in the carton it had to go back in the spot that had the same color. The day before Jaxson found a blue bat and was hoping the Easter Bunny would bring it. That great Easter Bunny didn't care that we already have plenty of bats and brought it to Jaxson. He also gave him a cool new green scooter that Jaxson played on for the rest of the day with lots of other goodies and prizes in his basket!

After church we went to Brett's mom and dad's for a great Easter Evening with his whole family. As always there was great food and the kids had a blast playing together.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're HOME!

On April 8 we stayed our first night in our new home. We closed our loan on April 15 after much drama. I love our new home. I have once again learned the lesson that there is a time and season for everything and that God is very aware of us down to the details and has greater plans for us then we can dream up for ourselves. The first few days I felt like a little girl playing house and was just giddy about our home. It's perfect for us. I could type many things about our new home that I love like how I love the floor plan, the colors, our views, the bay window, our fans, the location, the pantry in the kitchen, the microwave above the oven, our jetted tub, the appliance closet, the garbage disposal, the nook between our rooms, all of Brett's finish work, the garage, the extra refrigerator but I think I'll just share the top 3 things I just LOVE and CHERISH about our new home.

#1-My KITCHEN! It's fantastic. I love how open it, the bar to prep and cook my dishes without it ever feeling like I'm running out of room, my cabinets, my fancy appliances specially my stove it's amazing! I spend a lot of time cooking in the kitchen so it's wonderful to have a space that I just love to be. I feel so spoiled to have such a wonderful kitchen but I'm using it to the fullest and loving it!

#2-I love how much light comes into our home. From the moment the sun comes up till the moment it goes down it's so light. I love that. For me having that sun come in just feels my soul with JOY and for such a long period of the day is amazing. There have been many nights that we don't turn on a light till 8ish. I really enjoy and appreciate all the light that fills our home so naturally.

#3- I love the feeling in our home. The first time Brett and I stepped into this home when it was just barely framed I could sense that this spot had a great feel to it and that we would have many wonderful happy memories here. So far that's very very true. I'm grateful for all the places we've been able to live in and can see how they at that time were perfect for us but also how they made our first new home such a fantastic place and a dream come true.

Golf Clubs

While out in SLC Brett got Jaxson some actual golf clubs talk about super cute they are so tiny. Jaxson was in love at first sight. He's such a sport fanatic. That night was super adorable watching Brett talk to Jaxson about golf, the club names and how to put on the golf bag. Brett's a huge fan of golf so it was special to see a father share one of his loves with his son and have his son love it all at the same time. It was perfect timming because Jaxson had one more day left of Iitty Bitty Ball Clinic where they were doing golf, he looked very professional with his official set of clubs. Brett, Jaxson and Uncle Greg went golfing at the golf coarse and Jaxson had a blast. Just a few weeks ago Brett said after dinner to Jaxson on a Friday night, "what would you like to do Jaxson" Jaxson without skipping a beat said, "I think I'd like to go hit on the greens."

Brett's Birthday

On March 22 Brett turned 30. Crazy since the first birthday I celebrated with him was his 18th. Wow. His birthday came at a really stressful time for us with getting into our home. We were able to celebrate a little bit and take a tirp out to SLC to see Bon Jovi. We left Jaxson with my parents and went to SLC. It was hard for me to leave Jaxson for the night since this was the first time we left Jaxson but he had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa. We went out and had dinner at Brett's favorite restaurant, Famous Daves, checked into the Little America and walked to the concert. We were about there when Brett said to me did you take the tickets out of my back pocket, um no and WHAT! We back tracked and keep our eyes on the ground. We got back to the Little America's parking lot and found our tickets in the parking lot talk about a miracle! I told Brett he was very lucky because I would have hated to strangle him on his birthday.=) The concert was so AWESOME. Bon Jovi played from 8:30-10:50pm. So many classics and was in such great shape he amazed me with all his dancing around since he's almost 50. What an inspiration. The next day we went to all the guy places Brett wanted to shop. It was great to have some one on one time and take a small brake from the craziness of our new home. Still can't believe my main man is 30! At the Bon Jovi concet


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