Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Jaxson!
Jaxson turned 2 on Saturday. This year was fun he knew it was his birthday, that he was 2 (as he shows you 5 fingers) and that he was having a party. I'm so grateful we have Jaxson. He makes our lives so much better and brings so much joy to our home!

We started off the morning with one of his favorite breakfasts, pancakes and bananas. Of coarse we had to do candles in the pancakes. Jaxson just lights up while you sing Happy Birthday to him it's so adorable and like any child the minute the candles are blown out he wants to do it again. Thanks to grandma we've been "practicing" singing the birthday song and blowing out candles the whole month of February so Jaxson is a pro. After breakfast I had him open his gifts that were clothes. Brett started a new job on Wednesday and had to work till 5:30pm so we waited to give him our presents till the party. This year I choose a sport theme for Jaxson since our son already at 2 years old is madly in love with sports, most days are just filled with him and I playing sports and him asking me to find sports on TV for him to watch--what 2 year old does that?=) Believe it or not he can actually dribble a basketball I should post a movie of it sometime it's pretty incredible for a 2 year old. I reserved our church gym so that we could party and have room to play all his favorite sports. It was a big hit with Jaxson he absolutely LOVED it and was in heaven with all of his family around playing "ball"--doesn't get better then that for him! We had basketballs and hoops, footballs to kick and throw, soccer balls to kick and bats and balls to top it off. We had dinner, did a baseball pinata, birthday cake, opened LOTS of great gifts, and celebrated till I said I'm turned off the lights. =) One of the gifts we gave Jaxson was a Hot Wheels 4 wheeler so I had mentioned to everyone coming to the party that if they wanted to bring their child's 4 wheeler, big wheel, roller skates, whatever they could and we would just let the kids have fun! The kids had the best time just having room to move and play. Everything turned out so well and best of all Jaxson had a blast at his party---success!=)

There was so much action going on that it was hard to get really great shots of everyone and everything but here is what I got:Happy Birthday Jaxson!


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