Friday, February 27, 2009


Happy 1st Birthday Jaxson!
We'll love you forever
We'll like you for always
As long as you're living our baby you'll be

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jaxson on TV

I wanted to get this posted early but time got away. Set your DVR's tomorrow because Jaxson is going to be on TV. He will be on Good Things Utah in their first birthday segment. They usually show the pictures around 10:45am or 10:50am. Good Things Utah is on channel 4.

Monday, February 23, 2009

10 Things I'm Loving About You in Feb

I decided when I started blogging that I would blog faithfully every month 10 Things I'm Loving About You till Jaxson turned one which is in a few days. Wow time flies. I'm glad I stuck to the plan they are fun to do and they make me realize how much Jaxson has grown in a month.

10 Things I'm Loving About You In February
#10 I love that you crack yourself up. You are such a happy baby. Everyone loves hearing you laugh and I think you get a kick out of your laugh as well.
#9 I love that you've learned to wave goodbye and hello. You're really good at "preforming" this trick.
#8 I love watching you eat your pizza's, french fries and your chocolate you think they are delicious. I love watching you feed yourself you do a great job.
#7 I love that you get such a kick out of tearing any kind of paper (paper, toilet paper, Kleenex, etc)
#6 I love that when the bath water is going you just insist that you get in the tub even if you have all your clothes on
#5 I love that you point to things with your whole hand
#4 I love how you sleep on your tummy with your butt in the air
#3 I love watching you crawl you are so speedy these days
#2 I love that your turning ONE this month. I've really enjoyed planning your special day!
#1 I love that your healthy and perfect. How could this big milestone of a year come by and I not have such a HUGE gratefulness and love for your health and where we are compared to where we could have been.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend of FamilyJaxson with his Olsen cousins. He got to open his first birthday gift from Lexie, Graice and Kole. It was a cute phone. Jaxson LOVES phones. We can never walk by our phone base without him pointing to it for me to push the speaker button to hear the dial tone which always makes him smile. Needless to say this toy was a big hit. He played with it all night long. It's the first toy he has wanted to play with for a long period of time.

Kole demonstrating to Jaxson how the phone works.

Getting in a little play time before church. Jaxson loves having his cousins over to play.

Jaxson, Kole, Brianna, Lexie and Gracie. Brett and I can't get over the look on Jaxson face we think he's saying "not another picture"

Sunday night we had dinner down at the Erickson's. Jaxson and Kylen were playing so cute together. So yes Jaxson I just had to take another picture.=) They are being such boys playing with their cars.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Heidi

Today is Heidi's (Brett's sister) birthday! Heidi is such a sweetheart. She is so giving and caring specially when it comes to her family. She's a great sister, aunt and friend. Happy 30th Birthday Heidi!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We bought Jaxson an early birthday present, new shoes. This pair was fun to buy because it was the first pair of shoes that I felt like (knock on wood) he'll actually be walking in. He looks like a big boy in them. He wasn't quit sure at first when we put them on him and then tried to get him to walk around the store but he's getting the hang of it. He likes to walk on his tippy toes and in shoes he can't do that so it's a different experience. Now if we can just get that left foot to keep a shoe on for more then 20 seconds we'll be good. Since he was little his left shoe is constantly coming off. That's one of the reasons I stopped putting shoes on him. We lost a shoe and I figured he wasn't' walking around anyways so why battle a shoe constantly falling off. I call him my Cinderfella.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So today is the day we all post about our Valentines right? So here is ours:

We started the day off with a great almost full nights sleep just up at 5am for a bottle then back to sleep till 8. For a month we have been getting up with Jaxson almost hourly from 1am till 8am-such a challenge for me I'm one that really needs a full nights sleep. It's amazing what sleep can do for a person. I think Jaxson's lack of sleep is due to the fact that he has had two back to back colds. Thankfully he is finally getting better but sadly both Brett and I started colds on Saturday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the same cold Jaxson has had.
We had a Valentines breakfast-heart shaped pancakes. Gave Jaxson his Valentines from us--low pro chocolate (which he absolutely loves I'm so glad I ordered it for him) and the game, Go Fish. He's not quit sure about that game with those fish going round and round . We then drove around Vernal delivering Jaxson's valentines for his cousins.

Brett and I then dropped Jaxson off at my parents so we could go on a Valentines date. We went to Don Pedro's and met some of his family and work friends there. It was fun to be out with a group we haven't done that for a while. We then all went to the movie, Mall Cop-funny. The only down side was that we were late and it was so packed so we didn't get to sit by each other.

When we went down to pick up Jaxson my brothers and their families (except Lexie, Gracie and Kole-we missed you guys) were there so we stayed down there for a while and visited and of course grandpa soiled the kids by getting the Honda out for rides. Jaxson's little nose was bright red when he was done but he was having so much fun. He takes after his cousin Kole and loves the Honda. My parents gave Jaxson a candy bouquet from the Little Sweet Pea and a truck. My mom had me type up a list of "free" phe candy and they arranged him a bouquet from that list. It was so neat to see a bouquet of candy that he could eat and of coarse it was so adorable. It's still so exciting and almost relieving when we find or get items that are healthy for Jaxson. It always reassures me that it's going to be okay different but okay. Jaxson got spoiled rotten by all of his cousins, aunt and uncles, and grandparents. They were all so thoughtful in trying to picking up things that he could eat. I really appreciate every one thinking about our son. It means so much to me.

Valentines night we had a family dinner. Growing up I don't remember my parents going out on a date it was always a family celebration and I wanted to do that with Jaxson. So Thursday night I put my "thinking cap" on and started thinking about what we could eat as a family. My awesome friend Stephanie (who has a daughter with PKU) had told me about pizza's she does for her daughter. So I thought I would try that and spent Thursday night figuring out the phe amounts and how I could feed him during the day and still do a mini pizza for him. I know some of you might think strange Diane wanted to do pizzas since I'm not a pizza lover but I thought it's something I can make work for Jaxson. So Brett and I made BBQ pizza (which is a pizza I don't mind eating) and I made Jaxson a pizza. So there we all sat with are own pizza, grapes, and of coarse chocolate since it's Valentines Day. Jaxson LOVED his pizza I think it's his new favorite food. He just sat there and put piece after piece in his mouth. He didn't even want his water until it was all gone which is so abnormal for him he loves his water and is constantly drinking it while he's eating. I can't begin to explain how gratefully/excited/happy I was to so see not only Jaxson enjoying eating something that's so easy to fix and that I can purchase all the items in our grocery store but to see that I had pulled off my first family dinner. Brett and I were essentially eating the same thing our son was eating and that was the best Valentines moment ever.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today a very amazing women was born---my MOM! To sum up in a few sentences how wonderful my mom is and how much I love and appreciate her, impossible. Let's just say someday I hope I can grow up to be just like her. She is so loving and caring to everyone she knows. She is a great example to me at all times and I love being around her. I am such a lucky girl to be sent to such a wonderful mother.

Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday MarShel

Today is Brett's sister MarShel's birthday. Marshel is one of those people that you just love to be around. She can retell a story or a Saturday Night Live skit better then anyone I know. Her "Target Lady" impersonations can have you either crying tears of laughter or almost peeing your paints. =) We are so glad MarShel is in our lives. Happy Birthday Aunt MarShel!!!


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