Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Rest of 2010

Over 5 months, that's how long it's been since I lasted posted on my blog, too long! I can't believe it's been that long but then again every time I get on my blog I see Summer swimming pictures and that wonderful Summer weather does seem like a while ago. Life has been fun, busy and eventful just like I'm sure yours has been these last 5 months. Around July my computer no longer would let me upload pictures and sadly that made my blogging less a priority. With the year ending I thought I needed to get on here and journal one of two of the things that have happened to us. There has been so much but here are some of the things that have made up the rest of our 2010.

July-The end of July my sweet friend Stephanie came with her husband and her 2 girls to our town for a visit. It was one of the highlights of my year. I met Stephanie at a PKU cooking workshop in 2008 and we have developed a great friendship over email our kids are pretty close in age. She has been one of my main lifelines to accepting and dealing with PKU. She's an amazing mom to both of her adorable girls who have PKU. It was so wonderful to have her and her wonderful family in town. We did a lot of fun things together, talked and talked and ate a few meals together outside on our lawn. It was really great therapy for me and I'm still waiting for Stephine to send me the bill.=) Thanks for coming Steph I can't wait till we can get our families together again.

Aug.- I had a birthday. I love my birthday, I get that from being raised by my mom. This year I had the best birthday! My sweet sister in law, Elizabeth called all my girl family members and friends and took me out to lunch with all of them, so much fun! I got tons of great birthday gifts and my boys took me out to SLC the day after my birthday to stay at the Grand America and if that wasn't enough Brett had a dozen roses waiting in our room and they had pre-arranged a full day spa experience too it was over the top!

Sept- Jaxson potty trained! Hip Hip Hooray! He basically did it all on his own. Sept. 24 he was having a bath and told us he needed to pee, we got him out, he went potty and diapers were no more. Brett and I were shocked with how easily it happened but also very happy and grateful. It's so nice to not be doing diaper changes.

Oct.-Jaxson was a dinosaur for Halloween. We had a hard time coming up with the right costume idea but once we mentioned a dinosaur to Jaxson he was SOLD. From then on he has been in love with dinosaurs, it's a very nice break from the balls, bats, footballs, etc. Don't get me wrong Jaxson is still playing basketball, football, baseball and soccer daily He loves to see the dinosaurs in our town and sometimes talks about them being his brothers and family.

Nov-We found a home to buy. So exciting! It's being built and it's just a few houses down from our current home we are renting. It's fun to drive by it daily and see the progress. We are picking out things for it and Brett's getting to do the finish work on it. I couldn't be more happy to be getting into a home let alone on the street that I think is the VERY best street in the world. The land use to be a spot that I along with all the neighborhood kids would built forks and play and I think it's so special to raise Jaxson and live on that same spot of land I played hours on as a kid. Also the dinning window has a view of my grandparent's farmland, priceless memories! We are in high hopes of it being done the first part of 2011 and would love for you stop by.

Dec.- Jaxson asked Santa for a dinosaur. I can hardly wait for Christmas morning with him it's going to be too much fun. Brett and I each took him separately to pick out a present for mom and dad and Jaxson is just as excited for his surprises for us and he is for his gifts. He received a letter from Santa a week or so ago in the mail (I'm pretty sure my Uncle sent them out but I'm not 100% sure) telling him that Santa is checking his list and that Jaxson is on the nice list. Jaxson has talked and talked about being on the nice list since that letter but sometimes when he is doing something not so nice, on his own he will tell me that he is on the naughty list. I was telling him the different kinds of cookies and drinks we could leave Santa and he picked Sugar Cookies and water so that is what Santa will find at our home when he drops off Jax dinosaur. I'm not much a winter person and really do not like snow but for Jaxson the snow has been the very best treat. He absolutely LOVES to eat the snow and asks me all the time if he can go get some snow to eat. I myself was never a snow eater child so it's a little crazy to see my son so in love with snow but hey it's protein free so eat as much as you like Jaxson!=)

Brett got a new job in December and now works Monday through Friday. He no longer has to get up at 4am and now has every weekend off which is very nice. He coached our ward YM basketball team this season and they won all the wards in our town so they were the Region Champions. It was a pretty exciting thing for Brett. It made me feel old to watch Brett as the coach since we meet and started liking each other when he was playing church basketball. He is still the YM leader and is currently helping the boys plan a snowboarding trip in Jan which he is very excited for. In fact I think he is more excited for that then Christmas.

Between Jaxson, family life, house work, primary, food and play dates life keeps me pretty busy but I love almost every part of it. I started a new card group in Oct and I'm loving that. I enjoy being a part of my ward's primary presidency but never knew primary could be so busy. It was a huge relief to get the program over with in Nov. and now we are in the mist of getting everything ready and lined out for the 2011 year along with a primary activity before the kids go back from break. The Wednesday after Christmas I'll be cooking over 72 mini muffins for our activity, wish me luck. I also in the last 5 months lost 20lbs but the Christmas goodies do me in every year so I'll need to recommit next week. =)

So that's us in the last 5 months. Merry Christmas!


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