Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear Lake

Last Thursday we left for Bear Lake, Utah. In July Brett's cousin Kit called and invited us along with Brett's family and Kit's family for a great family get away in August. Kit was able to get us a big cabin that all of us could stay together there was around 40 people. So from Thursday till Sunday morning we were able to call this place home:
The cabin had three levels, beautiful views, a basement that was full of toys, a yard that was packed with kid friendly things and almost every room had a bathroom. We ate breakfast together and then hung out at Bear Lake all day. They had brought up 2 boats and tons of things to ride. I even took Jaxson on the Jumbo Dog it was fun till we tipped over thank goodness for life jackets. At night we had yummy family dinners and just enjoyed the moment together.
Friday Brett took Jaxson and I back to Logan. Brett and I lived there as a couple for 3 years and I lived there for 5 years so it was fantastic to "go back home" in away. I loved Logan and my college years . We took Jaxson up to USU and got a famous Aggie A picture. It was crazy in a good way for me to bet sitting in front of Old Main with my husband and my son on the A. I loved sharing USU with Jaxson. We drove around Logan, saw our old place and went out to dinner at one of our favorite places.

We had such a wonderful family time. Jaxson couldn't get enough of the sand and water. It was one of those trips that you wish time would slow down and you would be perfectly happy doing every year.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Happy 3rd Brithday Kole!
Kole is such a sweet boy. He loves Honda's, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and Grandpa so him and Jaxson get along very well. He is such a smart boy he's fun to talk to. We love you so much Kole! Happy birthday Kole!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Special Night

On Tuesday night Brett and I were able to attend the Vernal temple with his sister MarShel. It was such a SPECIAL and emotional night. MarShel is such a great example to all of us in the importance of preparing to return back to our Father in heaven. She has had such a great attitude while dealing with her cancer. She's still one of the most funniest gals I know. I'm so thankful we were able to spend such precious time with her in the temple it really was a night to remember.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Happy 3rd Birthday Brianna!
Brianna is Jaxson's BEST buddy. I just love Brianna like one of my own. She is so fun and and for sure funny. Her and Jaxson have the best time together and I love how every time they first see each other they scream with such excitement. We love you so much Brianna! Happy Birthday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Train, Pony and the Fair

Friday night we were invited to a neighborhood dinner. The party was at a very neat place, the Mott's. They have spent years building a train track around their house and land. They even have a tunnel for the train to go under, a bridge it goes over and a small petting zoo it goes by. If that wasn't enough they got out a Shetland pony for the kids to ride. Jaxson just loved it. He started calling the pony "mine".

Riding the train as a family

Saturday we took Jaxson to the fair. I had signed him up for the baby contest. He did so well. It was very noisy and a lot going on where they had the contest but Brett and I were impressed with the "tricks" he was willing to do. He won Best Style and I think our Jaxson does have style. After the contest we walked around the fair. We had so much fun with Jaxson in the Little Red Barn. It was a fun place for kids to do hand-on farm things.
Waiting in line to see the judges

Jaxson with his style award! Way to go stylish Jaxson!

Big Red Barn Pictures

Planting Corn

Gathering corn seed to feed the cows
Driving a "tractor" and wagon

Milking the cow

They gave every child an apron and basket to go through the Little Red Barn

Jaxson loved the animals and hay that were around the barn.

One of the helpers in the barn was a teacher I had taught with at Naples so she spoiled us and had her husband get out on of the baby pigs for Jaxson to pet.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Happy 8th Birthday Halle!
Halle is simply amazing! She is so beautiful, smart (I think it might have to do with who her kindergarten teacher was=) ), a talented dance, so sweet and helpful, has such a cute personality, hard working the list could go on and on basically just an amazing girl. We love you so much Halle! Happy Birthday!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Happy 2nd Birthday RyLee!
RyLee is such a sweetie. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. She's always so kind to share her toys with Jaxson when we go to her home. We're glad she's party of our family. We love you RyLee! Happy Birthday!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swimming Parties

We've been having fun in the water. Monday we had a swimming party with cousin Brianna and a friend, Ayden. Elizabeth, Anna May (Ayden's mom) and I picked apricots while the kids played in the water. They all seemed to really enjoy each other. Since we were keeping an eye on the kids and climbing in the tree for apricots I didn't get the camera out such a camera slacker I am but it was a great afternoon.

Wednesday we were invited to Aunt Roxanna's house for a lunch/pool party with the Erickson family. They had a super neat swimming pool. Jaxson seemed to enjoy the toy Jeep and toy car/wagon in the garage a lot more then the pool. He's such a fan of anything with wheels. It was such a fun day just letting the kids play, visiting and enjoying the day together. I love days like that. Roxanna made yummy cupcakes that everyone could eat. It's hard to explain what exactly that feels like for me as Jax mommy but lets just say it made my day to go somewhere and have someone take the time to prepare something for my son. Thanks Aunt Roxanna you ROCK and Jaxson and I give you the SUPER THOUGHTFUL award.=)

Today Jaxson and I had Kathryn, Issac, Kalli and Mattix down to Grandma's for a swim party. Kathryn and Issac are visiting from Washington. Kathryn and Kalli are my girl friends from high school. Issac is 2, Mattix turns 2 in September and then Jaxson is almost 18 so they are close in age. It was fun to get caught up in each others lives and to see our sons play together.

Thank Heavens for Little Boys!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Happy 6th Birthday Gracie!
When I think of Graice I think of SPUNK she got lots of it! She is so fun to be around and every time I'm around her I can't help but laugh at the things she does and says. She is so hilarious! She has a very sweet spirit about her and is so very kind. We love you so much Graice! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Busy Crazy July

We've been extra busy in July. Plus our computer is having problems staying on for more then 10 minutes and it's been the least of our concern so sadly I haven't been able to blog much. I've missed blogging and reading blogs. Here is a little update on our July......

The first week we went on an Olsen's family campout. Super fun but it rained and rained.
Jaxson had a roasted marshmallow for the first time. He love it!
The whole grandkid group
My brother Greg is so handy specially at camping. He made this to dry us out.

Our 4th of July we just did the parade, family lunch, BBQ and fireworks. Jaxson didn't love the firework but he didn't hate them.

Jaxson has really enjoyed the parades this summer

Being daring and letting Jaxson do a sparkler. He loved it.
Jaxson and cousin Gracie watching the city fireworks together.

The 2nd week of July my family from Texas came. We went to different places in Vernal, had family dinners and just made fun memories. I love every time they come out we have such a great time. Brett also started painting and fixing up 3 of the apartments for our landlord. Such a big job specially when you work all day long and only have the evenings to work. We also went with Brett's family out to SLC for a much needed mini vacation. We went to the zoo, a family BBQ celebrating his cousin returning from a mission and swam in the hotel pool and hot tub. So much fun!


cousin RyLee and Jaxson
Jaxson's favorite zoo animal--Zebras

The 3rd week of July we started painting our new home. That's rights after 9 years of apartment living we are moving into a home. I'm so excited for our little family. I'll of coarse have to do a post just about our new home when it's "blog worth" but the 3rd week of July was a working week. My dad painted and painted for us, my mom cleaned everything and anything and I painted when I could. It sure is hard to do things like this with a 1 year old. Brett was still busy working and then working on the apartments.

The 4th week of July was moving week. I didn't want to box anything since it wasn't too far of a move so we moved by the arm fulls. My mom and I did this for 4 days. On Thursday Brett and his buddies moved the big things. Since Thursday we've been staying with my parents till our house is ready. Hopefully we'll be in our home soon.


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