Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Big News

This March we found out that we are having a BABY! July 5 we were able to find out it's a GIRL!  We told big brother Jaxosn by giving him a bag to open it had P INK things inside: :pink baseball, pink sprinkles and pink balloons. Some of our family was able to come over when we told Jaxson so it was extra special to share that moment with family.  We were all so tickled pink for our Reagan to be coming to our home.  Jaxson the whole time has just been over the top happy to be a big brother and had an open mind and heart to getting a baby sister or brother.  I think it will be so adorable to watch him be a big brother to Reagan.  It's been a ruff pregnancy with morning sickness but I know she's worth it and then some.  We can't wait for Reagan to come!

 We had ice cream and big brother Jaxson made sure to give everyone PINK sprinkles in celebration of Reagan!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One night Brett had this work truck at our home and had to fix the tire and Jaxson just had to be doing what his daddy was doing. It's so fun to watch Jaxson mimic and adore his daddy.I didn't come up with the this idea but saw it on a blog and just had to make some too. I thought they were too cute. I put them together for my March Card Group.

Brett's Birthday

My man had a birthday in March. We enjoyed celebrating the birth of the man we love in our home!

Brett with his favorite gift: a new white itouch!

Love these guys!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Jaxson

Our Jaxson turned 4 on February 27! He has been looking so forward to his birthday. I can't believe my baby is 4 but I love watching him grow and come into his own and look forward to watching him grow some more this year. I love him more then I could ever try to describe. He is my sunshine and I feel so honored and blessed to be his mom.

Birthday Morning:

Jaxson woke up bright and earlier to open his birthday presents that were waiting for him on the couch. Right when he woke up I told him, "Happy Birthday Jaxson" and he said "thank you mom"---such a sweetie and happy boy to be having a birthday!

Jaxson's main gift this year was a dune racer. It was waiting for him in our garage and was a huge super surprise to our little guy.

Breakfast Birthday pancakes Brett was able to get the day off which was a special gift for Jaxson. He loves his daddy and talks every morning about his dad and wants to know when dad will be coming home. Jaxson invited his cousin Kylen to join us. We went to McDonald's for lunch.

After lunch we went to the Rec. center to swim. We gave Jaxson goggles and diving sticks that are shaped into water animals and a scuba diver. The boys loved throwing them and finding them. The pool was a huge hit with the birthday boy!

Family Birthday Party:

We are so blessed to have both families live near however that makes for BIG get together. 37 people were able to come to Jaxson's birthday party this year. We had Jaxson's party at my parents house. It was a fantastic place for the party plenty of room and the 3 car garage turned into an awesome gym for the kids.

Jaxson's cake this year was Curious Gorge since that's one his all time favorite things right now. We also had homemade low protein Vanilla ice cream, Strawberry Banana Sorbet and Mango Lime Sorbet. It was all yummy!
Jaxson was spoiled with so many great gifts from his family! He was beyond excited for this part of the party.
Of coarse there had to be a little baseball I mean this was a party for Jaxson. Jaxson also wanted to bring his Dune Racer over to the party and was completely fine to let anyone drive it at the party.
Jaxson in his new swat gear with Kaysia

Happy 4th Birthday Jaxson

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Febrary

Brett's sister Heidi invited us for a Bowling Night with her two girls. We had a fun time doing the cosmic bowling they do every Friday night. On the 9th of Feb is Brett's older sister MarShel's birthday. We met at the cemetery and sent some love up to heaven via balloons with love notes written on them. Jaxson and Grandpa Erickson having a sword fight.

For Jaxson's Valentine we did a heart treasure hunt. We have always given him a game and a treat. This year we gave him Super Mario Brothers for the Wii and Airhead popsicles. Jaxson was really good at listening to the clues and then knowing were to go plus he was so excited to find his Valentine since he had to wait till his daddy got home.I made some Valentine candy tags for Brett and then gave him one a day till Valentines. It made for yummy love notes to my sweetie. We have loved the warm winter we have been having this year. We have been riding our bikes and last weekend went to the park with the Olsen cousins. We went to 3 parks and then ended with a Slurpee. Now that is my kind of winter.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9 Years

Brett and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on January 3rd! Brett send me my anniversary roses--9 roses for 9 years. Love that tradition and every year it just gets better and better. =) We had a fantastic anniversary and can't wait to celebrate more.


My Little man is going to turn 4 in 2012 so when the first Sunday of January came he was in Sunbeams. He is ready for the change and to be in a more structured class setting. I also felt excited about this change because my mom is his primary teacher. I feel so blessed that he gets to have my mom as his primary teacher. My mom is Mrs. Primary. He loves the primary songs and I know he'll love having more singing time on Sunday. Since I'm in the primary presidency I get to see him and watch him in a class setting and that's fun too. I just hope he'll understand when I teach monthly Sharing Time that I can only get away with picking him once.=)

A Sunbeam A Sunbeam Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!


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