Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 4th

We stared celebrating the 4th on Saturday evening with a bbq at my parents house. After eating my parents filled up their 3 kiddie pools with warm 110 degrees water. Jaxson is in love with swimming at grandma's and asks me everyday to put his swim diaper on and take him to grandma's to splash. He can't get enough this summer. Elizabeth brought down her red, white and blue polish and did all of our toes so that we were ready for the 4th!

Later that night we joined the Erickson's at MarShel's headstone. Nicki brought some flowers, Carolee brought some 4th of July balloons and we even did a few sparklers for Auntie MarShel.
Jaxson thinks Grandpa Darwin is the coolest with his leathers and motorcycles that he rides!
Ms America 2010!=)
SUNDAY we went to church and afterwards both my boys crashed for a 3 hour nap--LOVED it.=) I got around to watching a lot of shows on my DVR it was fabulous and made for a very relaxing holiday!=) That evening we went to my parents for dinner, did a few fireworks before going to the big fireworks up town after those we went to Nicki's for more fireworks! Jaxson LOVED all the fireworks in fact since the 4th he will ask me from time to time to take him to see the fireworks.
We got Jaxson and Kole matching 4th of July shirts. When I saw this 4th of July baseball shirt it screamed Jaxson to me.
Having a midnight snack before bed.

MONDAY--we watch the good old 4th of July parade. Jaxson actually watched the parade sitting on his cousin Braden's lap. When the 15 year old all-star team came by Braden's friend dumped a full water cooler from the top of firetruck right on them but Jax didn't seem to mind getting wet. After the parade we went shopping, Jaxson's napped, Brett went golfing and I cleaned our house. Not too much celebrating Monday but that was okay we had already had a great 4th of July weekend!

Brett got Jax this hat in Grand Junction (another thing I need to blog about) Jaxson adores this hat and wears it all day and even would even like to wear it to bed if I would let him. He thinks it's his helmet and he must wear it to play baseball and since we do baseball all day he wears it all day.=)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Family SLC Trip

For a few months I have wanted to take Jaxson to the Hogle Zoo, Jungle Jims Playground and This Is The Place Heritage Park in SLC. When we went out to SLC every Friday for 2 months for Jaxson's hospital visits either the weather would be bad or we would run out of time. So I finally decided that we just needed to plan a trip with the only purpose being going to these places. When I was telling Brett about this future summer trip I mentioned it might be fun to invite his side of the family since it's always more fun with family right and also they have kids close to Jaxson age. So In June Jaxson's Grandma Carolee, Aunt Nicki, Aunt Roxanna, Aunt Heidi, Uncle Jeff and cousins-Kaysia, Kylen, RyLee, Payton and Jayden joined us for our trip. We left early on a Friday and went straight to Hogle Zoo after the zoo we went to Jungle Jim's Playground then to dinner and then to our hotel . The hotel was really neat I wish we could have gotten there a little earlier but we still had fun. The pool was actually a water park with a miniature play area for the kids, a water slide that went outside of the hotel and then came back into a swimming pool and a hot tub shaped as Mickey Mouse. Saturday we went to This Is The Place which ended up being Brett and my favorite stop of the trip and then ended our trip on a perfect note-Cold Stone ice cream in Park City! It was a wonderful family trip we had a blast and can't wait for the next one!

HOGLE ZOO Waiting with Kaysia for our tickets to get into the zoo. That morning Jaxson told Brett and I, "I can't wait I want to see tiger"
Having fun with the water ball
Cousins! Getting fantastic perfect smiling face forward pictures was a little hard to say the least with this group but we still snapped some great memories
Jax wasn't so sure about this elephant but it made for a neat family shot. I think he thought it was real and it was way too big to be standing near it let alone on it's trunk.

This year Jaxson wanted to ride the tiger. He was all about the tigers this year sorry Zebras.

Aunt Nicki bought Kylen and Jaxson zoo motorcycles and after that they were ready to just play and could have cared less about seeing the zoo. Such boys!


Jungle Jims has these really neat kid amusement rides, soft playground and carnival games. You can google them if you want to see more they are located in Midvile. We mostly recorded while we were there but I did take a picture. It was fun and there was hardly anyone there so it almost seemed like we had it for a private party but without the cost.
Crazy drivers! Only 14 more years and this sight could be real yikes!

Ready to swim!

Most kids would want to play here but not our little guy

he was all about the hoop and making baskets he's such a sports nut!

After swimming we were exhausted and needed to just chilled. Brett and I got the biggest kick out of Jaxson just laying on his pillow in this big queen bed all by himself with his motorcycle in one hand and his treats in the other he was so adorable.

This Is The Place
Doing a little art work
Petting one of the horse that gives wagon rides

Playing school at one of the old school houses

Riding a pony. Jaxson loved it! The whole time he keep saying "giddy up horsey"

The petting zoo the goats loved Jaxson and he loved feeding them the wood chip

They had a couple of mini play houses that were super cute and replicas of old houses or cabins back in the day for the kids to play in so much fun!

In the play house area they had this really neat wooden train. Jaxson LOVED driving it!
All Aboard!!
Myself, Jaxson, Heidi, Payton and RyLee ready for the
mini train ride around the pond and tunnel


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