Tuesday, January 10, 2012

9 Years

Brett and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary on January 3rd! Brett send me my anniversary roses--9 roses for 9 years. Love that tradition and every year it just gets better and better. =) We had a fantastic anniversary and can't wait to celebrate more.


My Little man is going to turn 4 in 2012 so when the first Sunday of January came he was in Sunbeams. He is ready for the change and to be in a more structured class setting. I also felt excited about this change because my mom is his primary teacher. I feel so blessed that he gets to have my mom as his primary teacher. My mom is Mrs. Primary. He loves the primary songs and I know he'll love having more singing time on Sunday. Since I'm in the primary presidency I get to see him and watch him in a class setting and that's fun too. I just hope he'll understand when I teach monthly Sharing Time that I can only get away with picking him once.=)

A Sunbeam A Sunbeam Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

New Years Eve

Every year my brother David and Danielle put on a New Years Eve party at their home. We start with a pot luck dinner and then play games till it's almost midnight all the while eating and eating delicious treats. We watch the ball drop and toast in the New Year with Cherry 7-up with a cherry in the cup. The guys then shot in the New Year. If you ask me it's a fantastic night dinner, games and treats till you can't eat anymore all the while hanging out with a great group of people! Jaxson was in heaven to be at my brother's house all night to play this hockey game they got for Christmas. Thankfully my brother Greg was a great sport and played with Jaxson as did Maddie and Kale all through the night. Brett, McKayla and Nancy doing a little Just Dance My oldest brother David and me. I had to watch myself every time I would get up or look away my brother would try to add domino's to my stack.Brett, Jaxson and Dylan shooting in a New Year! Jaxson was so cute with his toy gun and wanted to be part of the guys in shooting. It's fun to pass down traditions with my son that I've seen since I was a little girl.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Our Christmas was packed full with doing Christmas in our own home that morning, going to church and then spending time with both our families before the night was over. I didn't take a ton of pictures during the day but enough to share of our Christmas 2011. Jaxson got up around 7:40am. He was so excited to go into the living room and see if Santa had come during the night. He loved all his presents and halfway into opened them asked if we would take him to the North Pole so he could tell Santa thank you. It was so cute. Jaxson was so shocked and thrilled that Santa had remember all the things he had said through the holiday that he would like and brought them to him.Jaxson with his wrestling men he asked Santa for when he sat on his lap.

At my parents house Lexie and Jaxson tried out Grandma and Grandpa's new bean bags and Wii games.

All the Erickson cousin's enjoying Jaxson's new Marble Run he got from Grandma and Grandpa Erickson

Jayden, Jaxson and Kylen

The boys enjoying a pickle break on Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was so wonderful in our home. Jaxson was dying to open his presents under the tree and Brett and I figured why not since Christmas would be filled with lots of gifts. In the morning we let him open up Just Dance 3 and had a great morning of dancing. We are huge Just Dance fans at our home. In the afternoon we went to my grandma's and let Jaxson open up the game my grandma had gotten Jaxson. He loved this old classic fighting game. In the evening Jax opened up his Christmas Eve PJ's.

Christmas Eve Dinner and Night at my parents house. Love that Jaxson gets to spend time with his favorite people---his cousins!

Jaxson came into the family room riding Braden with my grandpa's cowboy hat. Soon Kole appeared with his funky hat. We then were entertained with Braden and Dylan being bulls and giving Kole and Jaxson bunking rides and chasing them.

My parents always put together a game for us to play on Christmas Eve. This year we were in 4 teams and did 16 Minute to Win it games. If you won your round you got to pick a prize from the prize table if you won a second time you got to pick from the money box that had different amount of bills. If you did you're very best the whole night and cheered your team on you qualified to have a chance to win the surprised Grand Prize. It was such a fun night! The annual firetruck ride. We get spoiled with a firetruck ride so we can look for Santa and sing Christmas songs. The perfect ending to a special family night.

Uncle Greg and Jaxson

Gracie and Me

Jaxson picked Sugar Cookies to leave for Santa. The day before Christmas Eve we made sugar cookies together. Jaxson was a huge help with cutting out the cookies, put them on the pan, listening for the timer and then getting the sprinkles on them after I iced them. Jaxson was right Santa LOVED his homemade Sugar Cookies he found out our house that night!


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