Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We had a really nice Father's Day. It seemed like the day just flew by with all that happened. We cooked Brett his favorite breakfast: french toast with apricot syrup, bacon, eggs, milk and orange juice. We surprised or tricked him with his Father's Day gift--so fun. A while ago Brett mentioned while at dinner that he would like to have a leaf blower. He mows a couple of laws on the side. So I of coarse took note of his suggestion for his Father's Day gift. You see November 20th was the day we started dating and sometimes we give each other a gift on that day, then December brings Christmas, January our anniversary, February Valentines, March Brett's birthday, thankfully May I have a brake and then June Father's Day. So by the time Father's Day comes I've been thinking of gift ideas for a couple of months. A week before Father's Day just to see what he said I asked him what he wanted and he gave the great answer, "nothing". Right like I would let a day like Father's Day go by and get him nothing I don't think so. So I got Dr. Pepper and bags of cinnamon bears (he's favorites) and had Jaxson do a card for him and gave him that in the morning when we first woke up. I know he completely thought I took him for real and only got him that for Father's Day which he was completely happy with, he's great like that. But Jaxson and I surprised him with the leaf blower on the kitchen table and he loved it. In fact he had used his Aunt's the day before and liked it so much he took note what kind it was so that he could get the same one. Which made me really happy because when I went to buy the leaf blower there were a few to choose from and I knowing nothing about leaf blowers had hoped I had picked out one he would like. I love surprising Brett with gifts he gets excited over or loves and this was one of them.
The rest of the day was spent at church, taking pictures with the Erickson family and then dinner with my family at Eric and Elizabeth's.

I'm thankful that I have such a great guy to be the father to our Jaxson. Jaxson adores Brett. He gets so excited when he comes home from work. He loves playing with him, having Brett read stories to him, mowing the law on his shoulders and snuggling with him. I always knew Brett would be a really terrific father but it's fun to see it actually happen.

I'm also really thankful for my daddy. He is such a wonderful and caring father. I always know I can go to my dad for anything and that he will always be there to help me. If there is one person that might get Jaxson to pick them over me it would be grandpa. In fact Friday night Jaxson was in Grandpa's arm and we were getting ready to go and as I was trying to get Jaxson he waved good-bye to me. He was disappointed to know that he was leaving with me and not staying with grandpa.

Jaxson and I are so blessed to be surrounded by such great and wonderful men! Here are some pictures of our favorite guys...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our Summer So Far

We just took our first summer trip it was out to Grand Junction, CO to visit my brother (Greg) and his kids (Lexie, Gracie and Kole) He has had them for 2 weeks so we thought we would go have some cousin time. Sadly Brett had to stay to work (hated that) but I was able to take my niece Halle and nephew Carston and they were a huge help with Jaxson while driving. We stayed for 5 days and had so much fun. We did too much to blog about every thing but some of the highlights were swimming, riding 4 wheelers, playing at the park, eating Cold Stone 3 of the 5 days (YUMMY!!!), playing with new toys (at least to Jaxson) and just hang out together. I wish things could have stayed the same for my brother and his kids but it was good to go over to his home, have such a fun time and realize that live goes on and there is lots more fun family times to have. Greg is such an amazing father and it's easy to see that his kids just adore him. Thanks brother for letting us come over to have such a great time and letting us be apart of your time with your kids!

We came home and the next day Brett and I traveled out to SLC to attend a PKU insurance meeting. We learned a lot which is awesome I so believe that knowledge is power and like always the best part was just visiting with the families. It was crazy to drive 3 hours sit in a 2 hour meeting and then turn around and drive home but so worth the trip. It's been a while since I went to bed at 1 am thankfully Elizabeth and then Grandpa watched Jaxson for us and wore him out because the next day he sleep till 10:10 am----so nice! Wish that would happen once a week.=)

The rest of the week has just been getting back into our routine and resting up from our travels. Tonight Eric and Elizabeth invited us over to their house for a swim/BBQ party. We had a really great time. Here are some pictures of tonight:

Don't they look so BIG!

Abbie is 1 month old today! She is such a doll!

Our Grand Junction pictures:

As soon as we got there Jaxson found Kole's 4 wheeler. Kole wasn't quit sure about Jaxson riding it himself but LOVED giving him rides.

I was lucky and got to drive around the boys! Thank heaven's for little boys!

We went to this really nice park to play for a while.

Jaxson loved the park. I think he climbed and went down the slide more then anyone!

Where's the best place to go after playing at the park---Cold Stone! I just had to get a picture because this was Jaxson's first time eating there. I LOVE Cold Stone and anytime we go out of town it's a great trip if I manage to get Cold Stone. Well since they are an ice cream store and ice cream isn't healthy for Jax I thought it would be one of those things we wouldn't be able to experience together but thankfully they have sorbet and sorbet is on the okay list of things to eat. Probably sounds crazy to you all reading this but it was so thrilling for me to be able to order Jaxson something from Cold Stone! It was another moment where I found myself thinking wow we are getting to do this and I so thought we weren't going to be able to.

What happens when you've had LOTS of fun and you go for a ride.

Jaxson and Kole took a bath together almost every night we were there. This was Jaxson's first time to have a buddy in the tub. They would bath and then both put on Jaxson good smelling lotion (baby lotion I just love that on kids) and get in their pj's together. It was so fun watching Kole and Jaxson play. They have a lot of the same interest. I hope these two are always best buddies!

Shopping at the City Market. We had to go there a few times and every time Grandma spoiled this two but getting this cart for them to ride in.My dad traveled over as well. It was his birthday and why not come spend it in Grand Junction. It was fun spending the whole birthday with my dad it's be a while since I've been able to do that.

While we were eating dinner my mom asked my dad what he remember about his birthday's when he was little. He said playing games like red rover. The kids had been wanting to play that since I taught them Steal the Flag the night before so we went out to the front and played.

I was also able to find some food items for Jaxson over in Grand Junction. So exciting!!! I love living in Vernal but it's horrible when it comes to find foods other then fruits and vegetables that work for Jax. I'm in hopes someday someone will open a whole food store until then I'll have to keep shopping while in the big cities and ordering online. One of the things I was able to get was chocolate ice cream bars (they are made with coconut milk and are non-dairy) he went to town eating it. I knew right then that they trip was so worth it and anything else was "icing on the cake".
Partying in our PJ's!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Happy 6th Birthday Carston!
Carston is one of the funniest kids to be around. He has a vocabulary and concept of language that's amazing for his age. I just love talking and listing to him. He comes up with things that frequently make you think, "and you're how old" and on top of that he has such a fun personality. Happy Birthday Cartson we love you tons!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Braden!
We are so glad you were born into our family. You are such an awesome TEENAGER! You were the first one to give me the special role of being an Aunt, something I really love and treasure. It's easy to understand why Jaxson loves being around you, you are so great with kids and the very best big cousin. We love you so much! Happy Birthday!


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