Monday, September 28, 2009

My Little Shadow

You know how there are moments that only you as a mom love and care about as much as you do about your child and what they have done well this was one of them. I just had to get a picture.Jaxson has always adored the vacuum. He gets very excited when I get it out and vacuum. He loves to follow it and really loves the cord. Ever since Grandma gave him a popping vacuum he goes and gets it and vacuums right along with me. It makes me smile every time. Well today when we were all done and I was putting the vacuum away he put his right by mine. He usually leaves it in the last room we vacuumed on the floor but not this time. Loved it!

Jaxson been super sick with ear infections and the flu. He's been so misable but after getting prescription medicine in him (which he absolutely can't stand taking) he is doing so much better. I'm so grateful for modern medicine. He is almost 100% back to his healthy self.

Last week my mom dropped off a thank you card she received for me and while at our house her cell phone rang. Jaxson then started "talking" as well using the calculate that was near by. Made me laugh so much. I'm glad he keep it up in time for me to get a picture.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Saturday night our new ward, Naples 1st ward had a ward party. It was a dinner and then a rodeo. It was so much fun. We ate dinner at the Naples park and then walked to Dean Baker's land for the rodeo. It was such a fun night for the kids and very entertaining for us adults. First they did sack races.

They did every event by ages. Jaxson was in the 1-5 year old group. When they got to 15 year old gruop they opened it up to anyone and good old Brett always gave it a try. Here is Brett sack racing. He took second he was so close to taking first
They had hay steer out and ropes for the kids to play with . Jaxson just loved sitting on it and grabbing the horns.
They had a chicken chase. Jaxson wasn't into chasing the chicken put loved petting the ones that had been caught.
They did other activities like barrel races (both Jaxson and Brett participated), sheep riding, and a team contest with tying up 3 legs of a goat. Fun night!

Random Shots Of Our Life

My girl friend since 5th grade, Mandi had her baby girl on Sept. 5. She named her Bonnie Mae after her two great grandma's, such a thoughtful thing to do. I was finally able to make it up to her house to meet this little cutie and take her dinner. She was so adorable! As we took this picture I found myself thinking wow so crazy we are at this point in life weren't we just playing on the playground, going to school, graduating college and getting married. Life goes fast! I'm so happy that Mandi has joined me in the Mommy Club!

Jaxson enjoying the place we now get to call home....

Just posing for the camera all on his own....


I've been busy trying out new low protein recipes. So far everything has been a hit with my little man. We are so blessed to have such an eater on our hands. I've been so super impressed with Brenda's (not my mom---another PKU mom that's put together a website) recipes. She really ROCKS when it comes to low protein recipes! So what have a I been cooking....
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snicerdoodles, banana bread and a Macaroni and Cheese sauceIt made my night to feed Jaxson a creamy yummy Mac and Cheese. He loved it so much he stopped eating it with his fork and went straight to his hands so he could get it in his mouth quicker. I got a hold of an out of this world recipe for regular homemade high protein mac and cheese while in college so it made my night to now feel like I have a just as yummy low protein mac and cheese to feed my little man!
Veggie Nuggets--he can't get enough of these
Sugar Cookies--we shared these with the nursery kids on Sunday

We also tried out Brenda's low protein waffles and french toast--which were all eaten up. Hip Hip Hooray for yummy low protein recipes! Bless Brenda and her fabulous recipes!

Carolee's Birthday

Brett's mother, Carolee had a birthday last week. All of Brett's siblings and ourselves put together a dinner for her. It was fun to do a dinner for Carolee she cooks a lot for the family. It was a yummy one. The grandkids sent her 6 roses (a rose for each grandchild) earlier in the day they were beautiful. Jaxson was super patient and I was able to do 20 homemade scrapbook cards for Carolee. I've learned that scrapbooking with a child is completely different then scrabooking without one. Wow and hats off to all of you mommies out there that scrapbook on a regular bases. I do love making cards. I've started a monthly card group and I liked three of the cards I had made for Carolee so much I made them for our upcoming card group. I also loved a baby card so much I made a couple to have on hand so when all was said and done I had 41 cards. It was fun but boy did our house look like a bomb had went off. Here is some of the cards.
Carolee always has cute magnets on her fridge so I made her the cutest magnet ever--magnets of her grandkids. The one that looks a little different is my nephew Jayden that's growing in my sister in law, Nicki's belly. Jayden is due Feb. 28 the day after Jaxson's birthday. I can't wait to meet the little guy.
The kids all wanted to put their own magnet on Grandma's fridge.
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday was a BIG day for Jaxson. He went to nursery for the first time. He absolutely LOVED it. Brett and I walked him down to the nursery room and when we got there Brett sat him down and without any hesitation he left us and went right for the toys. He had never been there before but wasn't scared or nervous one bit . He was there for 2 hours and the 4 nursery leaders all told us that he had a great time. Our little dude is growing up on us.
I could resist getting out the camera for this shot as we walked to the truck to go home after church.
This week my mom and I made low protein cinnamon rolls. They were so YUMMY! Brenda, a mom back east that has two kids one with PKU has as done a non profit website ( with some really amazing recipes. So far I've made her yellow cake, banana bread and now her cinnamon rolls. They all have been a big hit with Jaxson. Everything I've made of hers also taste "normal" and could be enjoyed by anyone. On Labor Day my mom and I are going to make her veggie nuggets. I hope they are as success as the rest of the food as been. I'm so thankful for such wonderful "pioneers" like Brenda that help us new PKU mom's out.
Love'n the cinnamon roll. I couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough.

This week we also had a playdate with cousin RyLee and Payton. It was fun having the girls over at our new place. Jaxson enjoyed showing off his new yard to RyLee. We walked down on the farm and fed the cows and horses hay. Now how many people can do that on a playdate. Jaxson loves the hay and gets upset when I tell him it's time to go. I think my little man is turning into a farmer.


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