Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blue and Gold

Brett is the cub master for our ward's scout group and I am his assistant. Our Blue and Gold banquet was last night. For those of you who are like me and scouts is a whole other language/world the Blue and Gold is a night where you invite all the scouts, their families and upcoming scouts to a special dinner and night. Every month there is a theme and this month our theme was When I Grow Up. We had it at the fire station and invited everyone to dress up as what they want to be when they grew up. Brett was a construction worker (guess he's all grown up), Jaxson was a basketball player and as for myself I went as Queen of Cooking. For those of you who know my situation with cooking for Jaxson I'm sure you'd agree I'll be a queen of cooking when I'm all grown up. For me the highlight was getting to wear the official Ms. Uintah county crown, thanks to McKena Wheeler. I loved wearing it, it just made me happy to have it on my head. I've always wanted a crown. Brett said the sweetest thing to me as we were getting into the car. I said, "well I finally get to wear my crown" Brett said, "you always have a crown on you just can't see it but Jaxson and I see it" So sweet.

We feed over 60 people. We did a potato bar, Jell-O salads and cake. The firemen took the boys through their trailer that stimulates a house on fire and they talked with them about what you do if you are ever in a fire. We received a lot of great compliments on the night and the second best part of the night I'm done with organizing, throwing and cleaning up after parties for a while!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Brett!

28 years ago the man of my dreams was born!
Jaxson and I gave Brett this bike and clothes for his birthday. Brett's getting into BMX riding and doing tricks. I hope I'm not crazy giving my husband something that could possible cause a broken bone.=) He was happy to finally have his bike home. He has wanted it for a while.

Brett started celebrating his birthday a little bit early since Sunday limits the possibilities. He played basketball with a group of friends, went golfing with his buddies, picked Pizza Hut for his birthday dinner (a treat since that's never a place I want to go) and got not one but two guy movies to watch. Another out of the ordinary treat since he is so wonderful to me and is very considerate when we go rent a movie.

With Brett's birthday on Sunday I wanted to do lunch and birthday cake with our families. I had hoped we could do it at the park, enjoy the Spring weather we have been having, let the kids play on the playground and play a few outside games ourselves. The wind was blowing like crazy luckily my brother Dave volunteered the fire station and we were still able to get together and eat without our plates and everything else blowing away. Brett was such a sweetheart and cooked the hamburgers for everyone with Jeff (our brother-in-law) helping too. I didn't really think that through I'm glad I'm married to such a great guy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

how did you do that?

I just had to post this picture of Jaxson napping this afternoon. I've been putting him on my bed surround with pillows. He seems to sleep much longer then if he naps in his crib. He is such a mover and our bed allows him to roll a little big more then his crib without waking himself up. It also allows me to have some computer time and get more done. I check on him frequently so I know if he's getting close to the edge and since there is just the two of us I can hear when he's up. During one of my checks I found him in this position.
I don't know how he got into this position and stayed asleep. But how cute is that. He looked like he was sitting on the bed but had his head on the pillow . Only when your little and so flexible could that be comfortable. Maybe he's trying to tell me that he needs a pillow to sleep on. I love sleeping babies they always look so precious in their sleep specially this little boy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We had a really busy and nice day so I thought I would post about it. That's what blogs are all about right.=) The day started off with me being able to pinch Brett. He is always a party pooper on St. Patrick's Day and never wears green. I remember as a little girl trying to get into my parents bedroom before my dad had his green on so that I could pinch him. So at least Brett allows me to continue the tradition of getting to pinch someone I love on "green day". I had to go to town to do some shopping before our "going afternoon" rolled around and I think it's so fun to see everyone wearing green on today. It's almost funny if you think about it how on one single day of the year we all wear the same color because it's the "rule". Crazy but I love it.

In the afternoon Jaxson, Carol Hunting and I went visiting teaching. Jaxson and I made our ladies some St. Patrick's Day mother goose popcorn (one of my all time favorites). It was so exciting to watch Jaxson watch the popcorn popper pop the popcorn. He really got a kick out of that. We go to 5 ladies but one was sick so only 4 today. They are all grandma's so needless to say Jaxson gets a lot of attention.
We then went to our cousin Atay's 3rd birthday party. Atya is always adorable but today she was extra adorable with it being her birthday and being so excited that it was her special day. We had such a fun time icing cupcakes, playing pin the nose on Dora, watching Atya in a Dora birthday movie (I didn't know you could do that) and opening presents. Thanks for inviting us Atya and Brooke. I wish I would have taken a picture but we were have too much fun to think about that. Thanks Brooke for going to the extra mile that was really nice of you and things like that always give me so much hope and comfort for the future.We came home and played toys and practiced our walking. Jaxson is so close. I just know it's going to happen any day. Starting last night he is talking a step or two toward his toys, Brett or myself. He thinks it's funny when we try to get him to walk and usually flops around like a wet noodle and giggles. I had to take a picture of him on his "Lio the Lion" it's his very favorite toy right now. He has been playing and playing on it lately. It really saves me when it comes time for getting dinner ready and Brett's not home.

I got dinner ready for my boys and when we went to get Jaxson in his highchair a leprechaun had brought Jaxson a St. Patrick's Day surprise. He left him chocolate gold coins, a chocolate shamrock sucker and chocolate shamrocks. Next year Jaxson and I are going to try to catch him because you know if you catch a leprechaun he has to give you his gold.

It was a nice day. I loved what we did today, the people we got to see and I absolutely loved our weather. It was so warm. I even opened our windows. We still have our bedroom window open and I just love it. I love getting fresh air, hearing the outside and felling the slight breeze. Hip Hip Hooray for Spring!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Glenwood Springs

This past weekend we went to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. We went in celebration of Jaxson's health and for March 7 be a fun family day. I wanted to create a really fun great memory on that day. When we first got there we went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Such a neat place. We rode their Iron Mountain Tramway. It's a 7 minute ride in a gondola to the top of Iron Mountain. We had lunch in their restaurant which has such an amazing view of Glenwood Springs. They have all these neat attracts you can do such as a bungee tramp and Canyon flyer. It's going to be a place that gets more fun each year as Jaxson gets older and taller to do some of the things the park offers.
In the gondola heading up the mountain.
Some pictures from the top of the mountain just outside the restaurant.
After the park we checked into our hotel and Brett surprised me by telling me that I had an appointment. He had arranged for me to go to the spa and have a Chocolate Bliss Wrap. Isn't he so thoughtful. It was a really neat experience, very relaxing and smelt delicious!=) After the spa we went shopping, had dinner and then went to the hot springs. Absolutely loved the hot springs. Jaxson just thought he had a huge bathtub that night. He splashed liked crazy and giggled the whole time. Anyone that was around us would comment on how adorable Jaxson was he just loved it. It was a really fun day. The next day we figured since Grand Junction was only an hour and 20 minutes away we would go see my brother, Greg and his kids. We had a lot of fun being with them and watching them ride their mopeds and 4 wheeler. Kole just loves his Honda's and he has an outside one that's big and then a smaller inside one. When we were inside he just insisted that his best buddy, Jaxson ride with him. I love watching Jaxson interact and play with other children specially his cousins.

I think Jaxson's favorite part of the trip was our hotel tissues. The hotel was thoughtful to put the box of tissues at perfect height for Jaxson to pull out. He loved getting tissue after tissue. We tried stopping him but finally gave up and figured we were on vacation and that he could have fun with the tissues if he wanted to because when you are on vacation you get to do special things that sometimes you don't normally get to do.

We went on March 7 for a special reason it was the day Jaxson was diagnosed with PKU. I feel that day not only changed my life but changed my spirit. I am and will be forever a completely different person because of PKU. I feel that things and people come into our lives for a reason.

So in that spirit I want to blog about the 10 things I've learned in the last 365 days:

#10: I've learned a new language, a new way of life, a different way of cooking and that always having a medical bill come to your home is okay.

#9: I've learned that when you go through something really hard your faith, family and prayers become your "life preserver".

#8 : I've learned a deeper gratitude for the Resurrection when every imperfection will be made perfect.

#7: I've learned that when you go through something really hard your heart is never the same.

#6 I've learned more about the love God has for me.

#5: I've learned that every hard time has a "silver lining."

#4: I've learned that time doesn't heal a broken heart. It allows you to accept how your life has been changed, your new reality and allows you to create joyful memories that can give you hope and happiness but it's what you do with that time that helps your heart. You have to work on healing a broken heart.

#3 I've learned how strong I am. A few weeks ago I heard someone say that God doesn't give us trials for Him to see how strong we are but we are given trials for us to see how strong we are--Amen to that!

#2 I'm learning that on March 7, 2008 experiences such as birthdays, Halloween, family dinners, traveling, etc were not taken from Jaxson and our family. I might have to put in more effort then other mothers but I can still get to experience those moments with my son.

#1 I've learned that sorrow for your child is the deepest pain you will ever fill in this life time. When your child has to go through something that you wish with all your heart, mind and soul you could change so they didn't have to go through it or take their place. Nothing greater tears at your heart .

I don't know if I'll ever be at that place where I feel grateful that PKU came into our lives but I do know that I've learned and grown so much this year. For me it's taken a lot of mental and spiritual work to get where I am and I'm so happy with where I am 365 days later.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Happy Birthday Elizabeth!
Elizabeth is such a thoughtful and giving person. We love spending time with her. Jaxson and I really look forward to our almost daily visits we always have a good time at Aunt Elizabeth's house. It's fun to live just houses away from each other. We love you so much and hope you have a great birthday.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jaxson's Birthday

Jaxson had a fabulous 1st birthday. It was such a special fun day for all of us. I've been trying to decided how much I should blog about and I decided all of it and you can choose how much you read and view.
(getting ready to open presents)

We started the morning off with opening presents. Growing up my parents always had our gifts wrapped and on our coffee table for us to open in the morning. It was special to have a child and follow in the birthday gift tradition. He loved all his gifts specially the slide. We then had pancakes (Jaxson's favorite breakfast) which I served to Jaxson on our birthday plate. We played with all his new toys. It was fun to see that every toy he received he absolutely loved. We then watched Good Things Utah and waited for Jaxson's first TV appearance. I have been watching this show for 6 years so it was fun to see my own child on the show and of coarse I thought my Jaxson was the cutest 1 year old ever to be on the show! =)
(testing out the slide)

(Jaxson with his gifts from Mom and Dad)

(picture that showed on Good Things Utah)

We then got in a short nap and lunch (fries) before it was time to celebrate some more. We took Jaxson along with his cousins to the Vernal rec center for a swimming party. I figured since Jaxson loves his bath going swimming would be a great birthday activity. He had a lot of fun with his family.

(Jaxson's swimming party invitation. It had this invitation, passes to get into the rec center and sweetish fish. Thanks Kristy for helping me make the invitations they turned out so cute)
(Jaxson ready to swim. He's got on his new shark shoes--watch out and swimming suit)

(Swimming with dad)
(The swimming party)

(Swimming party favors)

We then returned home, showered, picked up the house a bit, had a second nap, picked up the balloons and ate dinner before the family cake party. For dinner we had Jaxson's favorite: low pro cheese pizza and apple slices. I decided that would be a fun tradition as well to always eat on Jaxson's birthday his favorite foods even if it means splurging and the whole family eating low pro foods. I had found online a site that carried a 1st year firetruck birthday theme. So everything from the invitations, plates, tablecloth, etc went along with Jaxson turned one and it being at a fire station. It was so great. My favorite was the firetruck party favor boxes.
(Family cake party at the fire station. I wanted 12 balloons on his highchair for the 12 months he has been in our family)

(Family birthday shot)

(Jaxson's birthday cakes. Jaxson and his cousin's ate the mini firetrucks)

(Blowing out the candles--I found candles that said The Big 1)
(Enjoying his firetruck cake)

(Jaxson with his cousins that were able to come to the party)

(The night ended with a ride on the firetruck for Jaxson and all his cousins. Wow how many people can say that they have had a personal ride on the fire truck that's pretty special!)

It was such a fun night. Jaxson got spoiled rotten with new clothes, fabulous new toys and yummy low pro food. Thanks family for all your great gifts. One of my favorite parts of the day was when we were getting ready for bed. Brett or I read to Jaxson every night before he goes to sleep. I wanted a special book for his birthday and for birthday's to come. I found a book called, The Night You Were Born (soooo adorable it will make you cry) I along with all of his family wrote messages of love to Jaxson on the inside and back pages. So that night I read to him his message and then read the book which basically talks about how special you are and how there will never be any one ever like you ever again. It was such a perfect way to end a perfect day!


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