Friday, September 2, 2011


For me August was the best month this summer. It was full of fun times. Here are some photos that captured our Aug 2011.

Fun times with the cousins. I LOVE living close to family we've had the best summer

Jaxson got to go to his 1st Grandma and Grandpa sleepover. They went swimming, had a pizza party, played night games, watched a movie and sleep in my parents new addition to their home. Jaxson was in heaven. Such a fun summer tradition.

I put together an Olsen cousin summer water playdate. I had 7 games and 1 craft. Elizabeth volunteered her yard since they have grass. After our games we did their slip n' slide. I'm grateful we live by family and Jaxson gets to play with his cousins and have so many great times and memories with them.

Water Balloon Relay-they had to pair up and then put a water balloon in between their backs and get to the end of the grass while trying not to pop the balloon and be the first one.

Water Freeze Tag

Dodge Ball with our sponge bombs we made

Over and Under Game

We did one last Erickson cousin summer playdate before summer ended. Braden and Dylan wanted to be apart of the fun too. We made 2 types of Kool Aid playdough, did magical milk, fizzy fun, water game and of coarse a snack. It's always fun to get all the Erickson kids together they are pretty close in age.
Water Relay Sponge Bomb Game-They had to dip their sponges in a bucket of water, run back to their jar and fill it up with water.

Our friends, Erin and Josh hosted a family night up at their family cabin. It was a blast. The kids loved "shooting" things, exploring, tossing rocks in the water and going for rides. It was one of those nights that the time just flew and you wished you could just make it slow down or stop because you didn't want it to be over.

All the guys took turns taking the kids for rides the kids couldn't get enough
My cousin James got married in Aug in the Draper Temple it was fantastic. We were able to go to their wedding, their luncheon and then that night their reception and luau. It was amazing and such a fun family day. It wouldn't be a luau without the Haka and believe it or not Brett somewhat knows the Huka so he went up and danced with the men that night. Talk about entertainment.
I started doing preschool with Jaxson. It's so much fun he gets so excited when I tell him it's time for school and I of coarse loving teaching him so it's a win win. We are trying to do it 3 days a week for 2 hours. We do Opening/Calendar time, Math, Language/letter/writing,sensory tube, practical life skills, story time, fine motor and then center/choosing time. The above picture was our first day of preschool growing up I always had my picture taken on the first day of school in front of our fridge so I had to carry on the tradition and the picture below was during Opening/Calendar time. I have to restrain myself from taking pictures all the time while we are doing school because it's distracting but plan on taking some from time to time.

We've had lots of fun times with Brianna and Abbie this summer. Here they are doing Magical Milk. You put milk in some kind of container, add food coloring then drop dish soap and watch the neat swirling effect it does with the milk it's magical!On the 26th I turned 29. I love my birthdays and this year was the BEST. I had tons of calls, texts and visits. My mom and and dad took me to lunch. I had a much needed pedicure. Got to go on a dinner and movie date with my sweet heart and got tons of great gifts. I felt very loved!
On the last night of Aug we were getting ready for bed and Jaxson asked Brett where he had put his shoes he had been wearing after seeing where they were he then asked if his shoes could be by his daddy's shoes. Brett told him yes and so he ran to his room, got his shoes out of his shoe bucket and sat them down by Brett's. When I went to bed and looked at those shoes side by side I just had to get a picture. It's moments like these that I know I'll think back on and treasure and feel they went all too fast.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aug. Projects

In August I got the bug for "making and creating" I thought I'd post some of my projects just so I have a record of them somewhere. Sponge Bombs I made a second set I liked a little bit better with colorful rags tied into the sponges but I didn't take a picture of them. These have been fun to use with our Aug water play and a bit hit at the Splash Park.I made this fish math game for Jaxson and Brianna's 5th birthday. Each fish has different amount of embellishments. So Jaxson can catch a fish, count what number it is, match that fish to the numeral and practice writing that number. Love how many educational activities this cute game lends itself too. It could also be used to work on or reinforce colors. We got invited to a cabin and I volunteered to do a smore bar. We had 4 different kinds of marshmallows, 3 different types of crackers and 6 different kinds of chocolate. It was smore heaven!I made Oreo apple pops to wish my nieces and nephews good luck with school.


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