Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We have had the very best summer. It has been so busy and full not with any big thing but with just every day fun stuff. I haven't been the best picture taker but not because I haven't had anything to take pictures of. Our summer has been packed full with great family times, many play dates and lots of bike rides. Jaxson is madly in love with riding his bike and does such a fantastic job at riding. I've enjoyed having him ride next to me vrs being in the baby bike carrier behind my bike although there are those few moments where I look at him riding so fast on his own and can't believe how fast the time has went. His 2 favorite places to ride his bike is in front of our house down the side walk into our garage I think he likes the little slope and picking up speed and also riding by himself to Grandma's. That was a huge step for me in letting him ride by himself as I watch by my door till he gets there but he loves being independent and I've got to support that even if it kills me sometimes.

One of the best things about summer is that Lexie, Gracie and Kole get to share 9 weeks of summer with us and this summer we are all in Vernal having a blast. Jaxson adores Kole and is always so excited when he rides down on his bike to play or they get to play together at Grandma's. I love watching them play and become such great friends.
This day I built a hut for them to play in. It was their tent and they were camping and would go hunting for bears around our house. Super cute!This picture was not posed at all. They were playing and were so quit while I was in my bedroom folding clothes. I came out to see them doing this, so precious.

Itty Bitty Ball
We did another Itty Bitty Ball since the last session was such a hit with Jaxson. This time Jaxson's cousin's Kole and Brianna were able to do it with us and that was really fun. Jaxson loved every week. This session Jaxson was very into what "team" he was on and what his "team" scored and if they "won" the other "team" it was very funny. T-Ball was the best specially on the last day with Jaxson, Kole and Brianna were actually on a team together and got to play baseball. They were running all around those bases scoring. Jaxson was a pro hitting the ball on his own and over all the kids and adults playing on the other team.
Kole, Brianna and Jaxson with their Itty Bitty Ball t-shirts and certificates

Father's Day

We were able to spend time with my dad and Brett's dad on this special day. Jaxson and I made Brett's favorite breakfast and surprised him with some gifts: a new swimming suit,
a basket of goodies with tokens and new shoes to match Jax.Brett got Jaxson his shoes a while ago and keep telling me and Jax how he would like a pair. Brett loves shoes and so when Father's Day rolled around Jaxson thought it was time to get dad some cool shoes like his that would of coarse make daddy run fast like him.


The best part of May my new baby niece, Kemery arrived on May 30. She is so precious and it's so sweet to have a new baby in the family.

Brett and I were at the hospital when big sister Kaysia and big brother Kylen meet their new baby sister for the first time. It was special to share that moment with them. I just love this picture.

We got to have Kaysia and Kylen stay a night with us when their parents and baby sister were in the hospital. We had the best time and Jaxson loved having his first sleepover at our new home with Kaysia and Klyen.We made homemade pizza's for dinner and each got to roll out are own pizza and pick are own toppingsAfter playing at two parks, eating ice cream cones, have a big bubble bath we made a big bed in the living room and settled down with treats and a movie.
These two boys are so fun to have together. They found this great place to play in the morning before it was time for us to go to the Splash Park.

Music Recital

We started something different in March Singing Class. It added a little variety to Jaxson's very sport world. Jaxson went to singing class every Tuesday. In May they had a recital and it was so special and cute to see him up on the stage singing. I loved when he was done and came down to all of his family and he wanted to come right to his mommy to get my loven' for doing such a fantastic job it just melted my heart.

Jaxson got the award for Best Energy and some ice cream cone bubbles from his teacher Mrs. Kaysie. They used bubbles like these in class to work on their breath and they were a huge hit.
Each child got to pick a solo to do at the recital. Jaxson picked, "If You're Happy and You Know It" Singing with the group. Jaxson loved doing the song, "Jack Be Nibble" I don't know if it was because he thought they were singing Jax be nibble and thought it was a song about him or if it was because they got to take turns jumping over a stick either way it was his favorite.

Grandma Moore's 90th

Brett's Grandma Moore turned 90 in May. Brett's family threw a very nice party for her in honor of her 90th birthday. All of Grandma Moore's family was able to make it to her birthday party I thought that was so thoughtful and special for all of her kids, grandkids and great grandkids to be in the same room for a few hours.

RyLee, Jaxson and Kylen enjoying a cold Slurpee the room heated up with all the people in it and a Slurpee was just the right treat.


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