Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I better hurry and post Oct before it's time to post November.

Gingerbread Cookies: Every October my mom invites all the grandkids over to decorate gingerbread cookies. We had lots of yummy cookies to eat in our home thanks to Jaxson and grandma.

DINOSAURS: We were able to go to the newly opened Dinosaur quarry and the museum in Oct. Brianna and Abbie were great friends to invite us to come along with their family.

CORN MAZE: Brett and Jaxson joined his family to go have some fun at the corn maze. Such a fun Fall activity. I was sad I was out of town when they went but there is next year. Jaxson told me all about it and sounded like he had the very best time.

COOK FOR LOVE: In October I was able to go to a PKU Cook For Love workshop in SLC. Now this workshop wasn't just any kind of workshop at least not to me. It was a dream come true right up there with meeting Oprah.=) Going to it I felt the excitement of my birthday, Christmas and my anniversary all wrapped into one. It was a BIG deal to me.

My PKU Super Hero--Brenda!

Her name is Brenda I feel that she is an earthly ANGEL! She has 2 children one with PKU. She lives in NY and co fonded a PKU food website that has changed my world. It has allowed me to cook delicious breads, main dishes, side dishes and desserts for my family. Brenda has given me back the hope that we can all sit down at the dinner table and eat the same things and not just anything but absolutely delicious food. I now have lots of yummy food options for Jaxson and for us not to mention the peace of mind that she has brought into my life.

I felt honored and knew it was a sweet blessing from God that I who adore her and her fabulous recipes was able to spend hours with her and talk to her and gain knowledge. It was for sure a highlight in my year. She only commits to 2 or 3 a year she told us and the fact that Utah was the one she did say yes to I'd say God was smiling down on me for sure

I could go on and on about this girl, Stephanie. She is one of the most amazing people I have had the chance to meet through PKU. No question in my mind I was meant to meet her. I'm thankful for her friendship and all the support, help and love she gives me and my family. She is really one of the great ones and I'm blessed to call her my friend.

Halloween Party with all (well almost all) of Jaxson's cousins. We invited everyone over and had a total of 15 kids in our home for a Halloween party. We played Halloween games and had a Halloween witches brew float. It was fun to spend time and put a party together for my nieces and nephews.

Monday, November 14, 2011

2011 Halloween

The night before Halloween we carved pumpkins at our home. We all pitched in and cleaned the guts and goo out of our 6 pumpkins. Jaxson really enjoyed cleaning out the goo.

Jaxson loved how the pumpkins smelt. He keep putting his head inside it and taking deep breaths and talking about how good the pumpkins smelt. It was so funny.

Hard at work on the pumpkins

Jaxson wanted a silly pumpkin this year on his pumpkin.

He picked that on his own about a week before we carved them. Our pumpkins all finished

This year for Halloween Jaxson chose to be a baseball catcher. Uncle Dave let us borrow one of his catcher bags with all the gear. We borrowed it a week prior to Halloween Jaxson would have me get all the equipment on all day long he loved it. All the equipment on was really hard for him to walk a lot in so come Halloween we decided that he would just wear the mask and of coarse the black things under the eyes cause Uncle Dave had told him that is what catchers wear so it was a must. It felt like I was getting to see a little look into our future. I'm sure I'll see this look on Jaxson again in the future when he's old enough to play ball.

Halloween was a full day. We started at 2pm and ended around 9:30. We went to family and luckily were able to see everyone but Jayden in their costume. We then went to our ward Train or Treat at the Mott's and rode the train and played with the ward kids for about an hour. Then we went to my parents house and ate dinner. After dinner we went trick or treating around our neighborhood block. Then up to Brett's cousin Brooke's Halloween party. It was a full night but lots of fun!

Payton, RyLee and Jaxson

Jaxson, Brianna and Abbie

Jaxson, Kemery, Kylen and Kaysia

Carston, Halle and Jaxson

We took Jaxson Trick or Treating just as I grew up doing Treak or Treating around the same neighborhood--special special. He loved riding in the the wagon from house to house. Our neighborhood was so awesome they all had thought of him and picked up something they could give Jax for Halloween. Some had gotten a special treat just for him and some had picked candy to hand out that was healthy for Jaxson to eat all without calling and asking me they just had watched what Jaxson had eaten in the past and knew what would work. So thoughtful I had to fight back the tears. LOVE where we live and all the thoughtful neighbors that we have it made my Halloween this year and I know it was a perfect night for Jaxson.


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