Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My Little man is going to turn 4 in 2012 so when the first Sunday of January came he was in Sunbeams. He is ready for the change and to be in a more structured class setting. I also felt excited about this change because my mom is his primary teacher. I feel so blessed that he gets to have my mom as his primary teacher. My mom is Mrs. Primary. He loves the primary songs and I know he'll love having more singing time on Sunday. Since I'm in the primary presidency I get to see him and watch him in a class setting and that's fun too. I just hope he'll understand when I teach monthly Sharing Time that I can only get away with picking him once.=)

A Sunbeam A Sunbeam Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!


Eric and Elizabeth said...

He is so cute in his Sunday outfit. I can't believe he is a sunbeam- growing so fast!

johny said...


he looks gentleman

maryjohin said...

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